Great Gatsby Multi Genre Project

Joseph Chung 4th block

Chapter 1: Found Poem

When I came back, I wanted the world to be at a sort of moral attention,

I wanted no more glimpses into the human heart.

Only Gatsby was exempt, there was something gorgeous about him,

Perhaps it was heightened sensitivity to the promises of life

Or an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic readiness likely I shall never find again.

Gatsby turned out all right, it is what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that

Caused abortive sorrows and short-winded elations.

Life was beginning over again with the summer. It was a matter of chance that

I should have rented a house in one of the strangest communities where there are

Men who reach such an acute limited excellence where everything afterward savors

Of anticlimax, women buoyed up as though upon a anchored balloon, one a beautiful

Little fool, and the other a nice girl.

It was deep summer on roadhouse roof, the wind had blown off, leaving a loud,

Bright night; the silhouette of a moving cat wavered across the moonlight.

I was not alone, a figure was standing with his hands in his pockets regarding the silver pepper of the stars, come out to determine what share was his of our local Heavens.

He stretched out his arms toward a single green light, minute and far way. Vanished. Alone again in the unquiet darkness...

Explanation of Found Poem

This found poem of chapter 1 expresses the theme of Dreams: deferred and achieved. The first three stanzas are lines located in page 2 and express the idea of the great person that Gatsby was and that his fate was caused by the dream not worth aiming for that would late cause sorrow and short lasting happiness as shown in later on when Gatsby spends time with Daisy and Nick mourns Gatsby's death. The second stanza are about the deferred dreams of the residents of East Egg. The men who reach such an acute limited experience is Tom and how he dreams and longs for the college life that was his best years of his life. The "beautiful little fool" is Daisy for she acts foolish and incomprehensible of the situation, she is actually a deep thinking individual who hides her true self and becomes a beautiful little fool on the outside which is what she hopes her daughter of becoming because it is the only thing a girl can be without going through suffering. The last two stanzas are about Gatsby and the green light that signifies Gatsby's hope and dream of obtaining the past life with Daisy. It states how the green light is both close and far away, "minute and far way", meaning that the dream that Gatsby longs for is right in front of him but at the same time so distant, separated by the waters. This dream and hope later vanishes as it never is obtained and Gatsby, who despite thinks that his dream is still there, is left alone at the time of his death with no one that really cared for him except Nick.

Chapter 2: Recipe for Myrtle


  1. A valley of ash
  2. A surplus of Flesh (about 160 pounds)
  3. A Bucket of Vitality
  4. 3 cups of Powerful Emotions 1 cup for each emotion( Pride, Love, Confidence)
  5. A stack of Gossip magazines
  6. A wardrobe filled with expensive clothes
  7. A source of Money (preferably a wealthy suitor)
  8. 1 tiny teaspoon of shame
  9. 1 large cup of regret
  10. A small sprinkle of dignity
  11. A large cup of hope and wishful thinking

To make your very own Myrtle Wilson you need a valley of ash. It is the perfect setting for her as it contrasts the dull gray life that she oh so desperately wants to flee away from. The valley of ash will provide you Myrtle a sense of dislike and hatred for the life she lives there and provide the motivation in finding a new life that is common in Myrtle. Next, you need a decent amount of flesh for her bodily shape and for her outward appearance. We want you Myrtle to be as genuine as possible, so a surplus of flesh that keeps your Myrtle looking like the actual one. After that, you need to pour in a bucket of Vitality that makes Myrtle seem alive in such a desolate area and therefore provides the certain charm to her character that stands out and makes her noticeable. You then want to add the three cups of powerful emotions. First you want a large cup of Pride so that your Myrtle will be full of self-esteem despite her figure and make it so that your Myrtle will be as haughty and sensuous. You also want to add a cup of Love so that Myrtle will have the commitment to her husband while also having the thirst for pleasure and joy in finding love in a different person besides her husband. Then a cup of confidence so that your Myrtle is not afraid to stand out and show her expensive flashy clothes and to give her the self-esteem that can never be brought down by others as she considers herself to be on the top. After adding these three emotions, the next step is to add a stack of gossip magazines. This will provide a creation of a talkative, blabbing, distrustful Myrtle just like the actual one. You then want to get her a source of money preferably a wealthy suitor so as to make her feel special and worthy of money. This is a key ingredient as it gives your Myrtle the wardrobe full with expensive clothes that make her change her clothes every minute and provide for the dream of living a luxurious life outside of the valley. You then want to add a tiny teaspoon of shame to create the feeling of shame about the person she married, but adding too much will make her ashamed of herself and that is not the type of Myrtle you want. After the teaspoon of shame, you must add a large cup of regret so as to slightly bring out the shame inside Myrtle and creates a hope and dream of living a life different than the one she was living before she met Tom. The last and most important ingredient is the large cup of hope and wishful thinking that provides Myrtle the dream of spending her life with Tom and the pursuit of leaving the valley of ashes, making your Myrtle as authentic as the real one.

Explanation of Recipe

Myrtle is a character who is haughty and filled with pride because of her confidence and the "love" that Tom has shown her through money and life in the City. This relates to the theme of dreams as the sense of city life brought on to her by Tom has created a feeling of dislike for the valley of ashes and perhaps everything in it including her husband who she regrets marrying . This sense of longing for city life and the excitement that she felt when she first met Tom and spent time with him, while she thought that you can't live forever so might as well, created perhaps a dream within her about living a life free from the birdcage of the valley of ashes and instead living a life with Tom in the city where she is "properly" cared for and is on the top of the top.

Chapter 3: How To throw a "Gatsby-like" Party

Step 1: Get all the fruit, preferably a crate full of oranges, meals, a dinner, after-dinner and desert, and drinks , alchohol if your over 21, so that you have and if you don't have any of the items listed then buy as much as you can.

Step 2: Clear out your house (no matter how big or small your house is) so that a immeasurable amount of people can fit inside

Step 3: Hire an orchestra, band, or musician. No music=No Party

Step 4: Get butlers (hire them, get friends to do it, family to do it, anybody) to hand out drinks and food to the guests that will be coming.

Step 5: Invite only the people you know including your lover (even if he/she is already in a relationship)

Step 6: Tell your friends to invite their friends and tell those friends to tell their friends so that eventually a massive number of people will come, some who you don't even know.

Step 7: Do not interact with the people you don't know. Think of yourself as Gatsby, a man surrounded with mystery and rumors.

Step 8: Only interact with the people close to you or the people that you yourself actually invited.

Step 9: Do not drink or eat the food there. It is for the guests and not for the host that is supposed to be mysterious to the point where no one even know who you look like.

Step 10: Confess a dream with a close friend or someone that can help you achieve this dream, since the point of all of Gatsby's parties were to make his one dream of having Daisy come true.

Step 11: Make sure there are no rules established in the party. It should be as careless and as messy as it could possibly be since Gatsby's parties seem to never be in control.

Step 12: Go to sleep whenever you want. Let the people of the party be free to do whatever they want and try not to worry about things being damaged because they mostly like will be.

Step 13: When the party is over and a couple of days have passed, rumors will start to spread about the carefree party that had great music and food and held by a mysterious host. Eventually people will make rumors of you and of the parties that you hold and eventually you will become Gatsby himself; having a reputation of throwing wild parties and being a man surrounded in mystery.

Explanation of How to

In chapter three, it mainly talks about Gatsby's party and how careless it is and how wild it is as there are all sorts of food, entertainment, and people there while the host himself is covered in mystery and people even doubt if he is real. The party scene ties in with the theme of dreams because the party itself is just actually a plan to make Gatsby's dream come true. In chapter 3, he used the party to find someone associated with Daisy, Jordan, and tried to get her to help him in meeting Daisy and getting him a step closer in achieving his dream. That is why I put in the part about trying to fulfill your dream in to the How to because that was what the whole purpose of the party is about.

Chapter 4: Letter From Gatsby to Daisy

Dear Daisy,

I long for the day where I can see your face again. I'm sorry for leaving you in such a manner and forcing you to sneak out of your parent's home just to say Good-bye. I can not tell you how much I love you for that. I have been dreaming of you ever since the first day I left. There was not a day that went by that I would not long to hear your voice, see you smile, and be together with you. To be honest I tried to end my life in the war for I could not bear the thought of not being with you any longer, but it seemed I bear a enchanted life and instead I rose among the ranks of the army and became a lieutenant. Daisy, I have something to ask of you. Something that is of utter importance. The thought of not having a life with you is unbearable to me and that thought of losing your love is even more unbearable. Can you wait for me? Wait for me to come, Daisy. You are my dream, you are the future that I long for, that I want to grasp. The one dream that I want to come true. So please wait for me.

Your Dreamer,


Explanation of Letter

This letter expresses the theme of dreams: deferred and achieved in chapter 4 as it turns Daisy into the dream that Gatsby longs for. I made it so that Gatsby writes that Daisy is a dream that he wants to make come true because of the great lengths and affection that they had for each other as described in Jordan's story about Daisy's past; how Gatsby looked at Daisy in a manner that all women want to be looked at and how Daisy was caught trying to sneak out so that she could say good bye to a certain soldier. The most important was the fact about Daisy's reaction to the letter from Gatsby which was important enough for Daisy that it changed her mind about the marriage and made her drink. I thought that it only made sense to describe Daisy as Gatsby's dream that he wants achieved. Gatsby had even tried to die in the war due to the thought of never meeting Daisy or not spending his life with her as said by Gatsby to Nick, "I tried very hard to die, but I seem to bear an enchanted life." I assume that this is what the line meant.

Chapter 5: Object Personification Poem

Ouch, today was a weird day. I wonder what came over him for him to throw me like that. I lost all my folds because of that. Perhaps he got too excited as he noticed how much variety I have. The sheer linen, thick silk, fine flannel along with the colors ranging from apple-green to faint orange to Indian blue. Its only logical for someone to show off a beauty such as me by throwing my colors and patterns like confetti in a parade.

Perhaps the women was excited with my beauty as well. He just threw heaps of me on top of her until I buried her in a mountain of beauty and wealth. She started crying. Maybe because of the lush and lavish colors that I possessed or she was taken aback by my abundance and beauty along with the wealth and fortune that I represented.

Or maybe it was perhaps something more. Not anyone can get my vast collection of colors and beauty. And the material that I was made with is considered the highest class in fabrics. I showed that women wealth, prosperity, beauty, and fortune. All that she wished for. All that she dreamed of. She could have had it. She could have had me. If only she stayed with my owner, If only she helped accomplish his dream and in turn accomplish hers.

To her that was true beauty. Me. The dream that I showed, the wealth that I showed. I was something that reminded her of what could have been, the beauty that should have been hers. What was it she said? Oh right, "I've never seen such beautiful shirts before."

Explanation of Personification Poem

The object that I am personifying in this poem is the shirts that are being thrown to the floor that eventually buries Daisy in chapter 5. I think that the symbol that the shirts represent is the wealth and fortune of Gatsby and how his wealth had made it so that his clothes and every material possession is seemingly infinite in quantity. I think that the reason Daisy cries after being piled on by the shirts is because she realizes that if she had stayed with Gatsby and made his dream come true then all of the wealth and the "good" life could have been hers and even her dream of being wealthy and surrounded by beauty could have come true but instead the dreams of both Gatsby and Daisy did not come to reality. The theme of Dreams: deferred and achieved are represented through the seemingly endless amount of shirts in chapter 5 that show the wealth and beauty of Gatsby's money and how it could have been Daisy to obtain all of this.

Chapter 6: Twitter Feed

Explanation of Twitter Feed

The first tweet relating to the theme of Dreams is the one where Nick states how the Jay Gatsby that was dreamed by James Gatz became reality. This is a primary example of a dream being achieved. It states in the book how Gatsby had Jay Gatsby was a platonic conception of James Gatz and that from this image he created he started to work towards it as if it was a goal or a dream that he wanted to be accomplished and eventually it did. The second tweet relating to the theme is the tweet where Nick states how Gatsby had dreamed of a sophisticated life to the point that it would haunt him and make fantasies in his dreams which goes along with the first tweet about the theme in that his dream was to become Jay Gatsby and he had obtained it. The third tweet relating to the theme is the tweet where Nick states how Daisy is disgusted by the false dream promised by West Egg of wealth and fame. The people of West Egg have wealth and fame and yet they are still uncontrolled and rowdy and try to make it to Gatsby's parties. It is as if they are trying to becoming as wealthy and famous as Gatsby by attending his parties and becoming this loud, uncontrollable thing that wants to be noticed, but the end result is becoming nothing and not improving at all a single bit.

Chapter 7: Quality Poem: Isolation

I am the Lone Wolf, the outlaw of society, and the outsider to a clique. I am isolation, every sociable person's greatest fear. I take up countless victims after Tension and Conflict bring them to me. You could say that Tension and Conflict are my close friends because in the end they always leave me my prey, someone alone and detached from others. Someone like that is similar to an injured impala and I'm the lion.

I and the disease that infects the body, that lets the shadows crawl into peoples hearts as they realize no one is there but me. I crush dreams and leave my victims empty of hope for I kill off all the comforts and the love that nurtures hopes and dreams because I am present: Isolation.

I am the pesticide to the constantly growing vermin known as Company.

I remember one man that I claimed for a short while. He was a grand man, big and aloof, and he had everything man could wish for except the one thing that was the most important to him: the unconditional love of his lover. He was a hard man to bring down so I called my buddies, Conflict and Tension, to help me take down this giant.

It all ended so well, Tension set up the perfect stage for Conflict as fights almost broke out and true colors showed. It was as if a murder was about to take place. It's a shame it didn't but the look in the giant's eyes convinced me that there would be one. It was when I saw the look in his eyes that I found the perfect moment to strike. I crept up in his heart through the words of his beloved and left his dreams crushed just as I had done countless times before to others.

He was with me for a period of time. Another partner to my jail cell, a broken shell of empty dreams. It was delightful that no one came to his aid or comforted him. I was a shame that I couldn't enjoy his pain longer. This man was special. To break my chains so easily and selfishly reclaim his broken dream. Perhaps it was naivete or perhaps it was hope...

Explanation of Quality Poem

I chose the quality of Isolation for chapter 7 because it was, even if it was for a short while, evident in Gatsby. No one came to defend him when he was ridiculed by Tom and no one tried to comfort him when Gatsby came to the realization that Daisy loved Tom too. Even if it was for a brief amount of time, his dream was crushed and isolation had gotten to him. This relates to the theme of dreams: deferred and achieved as it shows how Gatsby's dream of obtaining Daisy's love all for himself collapsed due to the feeling of how he was by himself for a brief second where all he could do was try to justify himself after the accusations from Tom.

Chapter 8: Obituary

Beloved Wife and Sister, Myrtle Wilson dies from Car Accident

A common housewife who lived in a automobile garage with her husband George Wilson lived a average life in the Valley of Ashes. Unhappy with the dull, boring life of the valley, she experienced city life and craved for life outside of the valley.

Eyewitnesses say that she was running out to a bright yellow car as if she had known the driver. Unfortuanely, the car did not stop and ran straight through her as if she was paper. The damage was so severe that she was killed instantly, left a tattered and broken on the road.

Mrs. Wilson had many loving companions and colleagues who will be sure to mourn her death. One was her sister, Catherine, and another one her husband George Wilson who will forever remember the person they lost 2 days ago. Both who loved her and who was loved.

"I loved her very much, She was a good sister to me and always had fun with her in the city," Myrtle's sister Catherine says, " She would always come to me with her troubles and complaints and we would hear each-other out. She was always a fun person, friend, and sister to have a be with. I remember all the gossips and parties we had."

It seemed that Myrtle did not really have anyone she knew so close except her sister, her husband and a married couple by the name of McKee.

" She was always a prideful women," Mrs. McKee states," She never showed weakness of character in front of us and was a proud women who had found joy in her life."

Due to grief and shock, we were unable to interview George Wilson, husband of Myrtle. "It just shows you how much George cared for her and how losing her meant losing the whole world," states Michaelis of Michaelis Coffee joint.

Myrtle Wilson was a woman of pride and self-esteem and had dreams of fulfilling a life that she enjoyed so much in the city. It is unfortunate to see that such a dream had not been carried out and instead trampled by the yellow missile of a car that crushed Myrtle along with her dreams.

She will be remembered as loving wife, strong women, great sister, and a women whose dreams were of simplicity and reflected the person inside of her.

Chapter 9: Pie Chart: The Death of Gastby

Big image
I put the Green Light on the opposite side of the dock to be the main cause of Gatsby's death because of what the Green light represented which was the hope of accomplishing a dream that can not be accomplished. This foolish pursuit of something that is not achievable is what caused Gatsby to take the blame for Daisy and led him to meet Daisy and pursue her no matter what it took, which later causes his death since he met daisy and pursued her and took the blame for her sins and eventually got shot by George through a false accusation. I put Daisy and what she represented as the second greatest cause of Gatsby's death because if Gatsby had not met Daisy and became obsessed with her along with the status that Gatsby had yearned for, the status of old money that he came to know through Daisy, he would not pursue such a hopeless dream and die for taking the blame for Daisy in order to protect her and the status of old money that he wanted. The third greatest cause for Gatsby's death was Tom because it was his word that misled George to think that Gatsby killed Myrtle just in order to protect Daisy and their careless lives together where they just make others take responsibility for their actions. I also think Gatsby himself is that cause of his own death because of his own optimism of the promises of life and his foolish chase for a dream not worth chasing. He could have restrained himself and perhaps aim for the status of new money and wealth instead of reaching for Daisy and old money. However, the reason I put this at 7 percent is because it is something that is not easily controlled because he had worked his whole youth for this status of wealth and old money that was represented in Jay Gatsby. I put George and his grief at only 8 percent because it was a human characteristic in all of us. He was misled by his overwhelming grief along with the lies of Tom, and even though he was the one that shot Gatsby, it was probably the most human thing to do for he showed how he cared for his wife and wanted whoever responsible for the death to take responsibility unlike Daisy and Tom.

Overall: Two Character Poem


Nick Carraway:

The Girl who crushed his dreams

Not a daisy but a rose full of thorns

She was the one he wanted the only

One he wanted, the only one he became

Prisoner to.

The careless person who perhaps loved him

At a certain point but left others to deal

With the mess that created.

She couldn’t wait, her impatience was

Too much. She lacked individuality, she

Had no purpose, no person to give her


She was the white canvas waiting to be

Drawn on, eager for the first one to

Paint the colors and it wasn’t Him.

Daisy was the Green Light at the end of

The dock, she was the hope the dream

That was so close yet so far away.

An unattainable dream, a false hope,

A cruel lie to the person that deserved

To know the truth. She was shattered, her

Concept, her meaning, her representation.

It was all gone…

Jay Gatsby:

The Girl of my dreams

My precious flower, beautiful and thorn free

She was the one thing that I dreamed for,

longed for; the one to keep me occupied

With constant thoughts about her.

She was the one who loved me with no

doubt, the one who gave her all to me and

I to her.

I would always wait for her, it wasn’t her

fault she couldn’t wait; I came too late.

She was my purpose, my goal, my dream

The one person I lived for.

She was a beautiful painting and I was

the admirer. If only I could’ve been the


She will always be my Green Light at the

end of a dock, my lasting dream, the one

That I have within my grasp.

A dream right within my grasp, a hope that

never fails, the bright truth to the one with

the life of lies and false identity. She was

My vision, forged together by my hopes

and aspirations. She is still there waiting for

Me to grasp her…

Nick: Gatsby, can’t you see that she was unattainable. She betrayed you, betrayed your love, caused you pain, fooled you into living your life for her. What you wanted was the person forever locked in the past, something that can’t be regained.

Gatsby: Listen, old sport, I will never let her go. All she was was excited. She loved me and only me. She was the dream that I had worked so hard to obtain and she’s now right in front of me. She didn’t damage me because it was me who feel captivated by her and only I am to blame for it. What I want is the past. Your right, old sport. And I can get the past, no matter what I WILL get it… No matter what…

Nick: It seems like I can’t get to you Gatsby. Perhaps this is your special gift. You never give in. You always look for the finer aspects of life, the good side, the promises that each and every thing holds. Your innocence is what makes you apart Gatsby. You can’t view the world as a bad thing because you want to believe that she is there and will always be there. I guess it’s all right. Maybe you’re the only decent one among us all…

Nick: Gatsby, can’t you see that she was unattainable. She betrayed you, betrayed your love, caused you pain, fooled you into living your life for her. What you wanted was the person forever locked in the past, something that can’t be regained.

Gatsby: Listen, old sport, I will never let her go. All she was was excited. She loved me and only me. She was the dream that I had worked so hard to obtain and she’s now right in front of me. She didn’t damage me because it was me who feel captivated by her and only I am to blame for it. What I want is the past. Your right, old sport. And I can get the past, no matter what I WILL get it… No matter what…

Nick: It seems like I can’t get to you Gatsby. Perhaps this is your special gift. You never give in. You always look for the finer aspects of life, the good side, the promises that each and every thing holds. Your innocence is what makes you apart Gatsby. You can’t view the world as a bad thing because you want to believe that she is there and will always be there. I guess it’s all right. Maybe you’re the only decent one among us all…

Explanation of Two character Poem

I chose Daisy and Nick and Gatsby to be the two characters to discuss there views on Daisy and what she did and how she affected Gatsby's life. I chose Daisy as the main topic because, all in all, this book had been about Gatsby chasing his dream of obtaining old money status through Daisy and the whole point of his story was to learn that this was not achievable so I thought that her symbol and what she did should have been the overall entry to the book. She fits in with the theme of Dreams: deferred and achieved because of how she was both accomplished, or about to be accomplished, and was unattainable. To Gatsby, Daisy was always there and the goal of reaching status of old wealth and obtaining Daisy had never been closer and to the very end he thought that his dream would be complete. However, to Nick, he saw Daisy as a unobtainable dream and that Gatsby's pursuit of her was pointless therefore making the success of obtaining completion of his dream null. I express this through the words of the last stanzas of both Nick and Gatsby as I wrote how Nick might have viewed her as a shattered dream and a broken image that was damaged from the start and how she was unobtainable and that the dream of getting her was gone. However, in Gatsby's point of view, the completion of obtaining Daisy and fulfilling his dream is right within his grasp and viewed her as a person to never let him down as he makes excuses and false defenses to support this in the book, such as " She was very excited this afternoon" (Fitzgerald 152).