Tech Tips!

May 2, 2016

Weekly Tech Tips!

  • Google timer tip:

You don't have to worry about finding a timer when you need it. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to a new tab in Google.

2. Type: timer 5 minutes (or whatever time you need).

3. Press enter.

4. The timer will show up and start counting down automatically when you press enter! You can click the speaker icon to mute the timer or click the frame icon to go full screen. You can also click "stopwatch" to switch to that tool.

  • ​If you have an issue with a student iPad please include the barcode number in your helpdesk. There are many issues we can fix remotely with just knowing what iPad has the issue.

Helpful Link of the Week!

This week's link is Google Classroom. Many teachers in the district are already using and loving Google Classroom. It's very easy to learn for both students and teachers and works well. Many quiz, video, and other sites will link with Google Classroom automatically. It is a great teaching tool that will make assigning and grading all sorts of items much easier. It's easy to go (more) paperless, and a really helpful way to communicate with your students privately or to the whole class. Ask Tammy if you'd like to give it a try; she would love to show you!

This Week's Digital Daredevils!

An Outlook on the Environment

Let us know how we can help you use technology in your classroom!

Let us know if you need training on any technology-related item. Tammy May can meet with you at a time and place that fit your schedule. She can even work alongside you in the classroom to help you implement technology or to guide your students through a new tool.

You can email Chris or Tammy, or you can use the technology PD request form, also found below. You can always call Tammy at x8979 and leave a voicemail.

Please let Tammy know if you need any help with portfolio-related items!

If you can't see the form below, be sure to sign into your Google account.