The End Game

T. Michael Martin

Main Characters

Michael, Patrick,

Protagonist's Problem

Trying to survive this "game" that happened on the day of Hallowing

Protagonist's Memorable Moment

He always say's "Game On" at the start of the day.

Protagonist's Important Action

His important action is been able to calm down at the most vital moments.

Antagonist's Problem

A main Antagonist has get to appear

They are Zombies and copy what they hear...

Antagonist's Memorable Moment


Antagonist's Important Action

To eat/kill the Humans

Other Characters' Perspective on Main Characters

The Little brother see's his brother as a partner in this "Game."

Main Characters on Other Characters

Michael sees his brother Patrick as a nuisance, but still his only ray of hope

My Impressions of Protagonist Character

I thing i like most of the protagonist is that he never shows fear in front of his brother even tho he is scared. I hate that he is scared easily.

My Impressions of the Antagonist Character

I like that they are Zombies. I hate that they eat people.

Characterization in the End...

The protagonist is a round character

Is the antagonist a flat character

Patrick is a round character


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