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NASA missions

NASA pioneer12and13 probes also called the pioneer orbit and pioneer Venus multi probe were the first U.S. Space craft to study Venus in detail .

Both unnamed probes were launched and arrived in 1978.

Pioneer 12

Pioneer 12 orbit, pioneer studied and returned with radar maps of the 13 realised four small atmospheric into Venus's thick clouds both pioneer 12 and 13 were deemed a success and gave scientist more information about extrem conditions on Venus.

Pioneer 13

Pioneer 11 discovered a new moon .

It recorded all the planets overall temrature at 180 decrees celcices indercating emits 2.5 as such heat it receives .

Pioneer s1,2,3and 4 .

A navagation of malfunction send the space flying past the moon.

Pioneer 6,7,8 and nine formed a ring of solar weather stations space along Earths orbit

whose mesurments were used to protect solar systems.

Pionee programme started in the 1950's,it launched a series of spacecraft to a number af destinations in the solar in the solar system.As the name pioneer missions paved the way for later probes.

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