Colton Corn



Obee- Preschool

Union Valley- Kindergarten

Buhler Grade School- 1st - 6th

Praire Hills Middle School- 7th and 8th

Buhler High School- 9th still in school

My favorite memory from school is in 4th grade my friend Rand was playing football out side and came in and asked me if his finger was broken I said it looks like it but he didn't believe me and went to the doctor and they took an Ex-Ray. of his hand there was a clean break in his finger.

For collage I would like to go to UTI or HCC.


My Dad's name is Daniel and my Mom's name is Misty.

I have one sibling my sister her name is Kala.

I have 2 aunts and there names are Stacy and Stephanie.

I have one uncle his name is Tom.

People important in my life is God and my baby cousin Bayley Jo and her Mom Ashley.

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My Cousin Ashley And Her Daughter Bayley Jo.


There are no health concerns to be worried about.

Contact Information

My number is (620) - 899 - 9522

My Moms Number is (620) - 200 - 0200

Our home phone number is (620) - 543 - 5161