Wednesday's Word

September 2nd, 2015

Praise and Prayers


We give praise for a wonderful Sunday Worship service.

We give praise for Tyler Head, he is doing awesome!

We give praise for Bob Hamby, he is recovering from a quadruple bypass.

Jay and Joyce Howe are giving praise for Joyce's mom, MaryLou Rathgeber celebrating her 80 birthday and for John Dixon (Dad of a friend in Valdosta) celebrating his 90th birthday.

John Schall gives praise and thanks for everyone's prayers.

We celebrate that Austin Nation and Olivia Parrot are engaged to be married in May 2016.


Please keep Jim Finlayson in your prayers, he had a heart attack Tuesday morning.

Jay and Joyce Howe are asking for prayers for Nick Clements (Co-worker, like a son), during a difficult time staying well, one sickness after another.

Pat Harwell is asking for prayers for her sister, Jill Rice, whom is having surgery on Wednesday. Also for Shirley Rice, who is recovering from a fall and transitioning to rehab.

Brenda and Richard Hutson are asking for prayers for Wayne Hinkle, he has liver failure and is going into hospice.

Bonny and Fred Watson are asking for prayers for Irene Blair, she just had surgery for Melanoma and is waiting for biopsy results.

The Brinson's are asking for prayers for Leslie Ward during cancer treatment and for Betty Yandle who is in Rehab.

Neal Hester is asking for prayers for Jean Slocum's family, Jean passed away Friday.


Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts will be meeting at O’Charley’s on September 4th at 11:30AM. Come join us for an enchanting time of fellowship and a delicious lunch!

Varsity Sunday

Crossroads UMC and The Varsity. Is there a better combination? Join us Sunday, September 27 at 10 a.m. for worship followed by lunch catered by The Varsity food truck. A $5.00 ticket includes two entrees, one side, drink & dessert. What a deal—wonderful worship, greasy goodness, friends and fellowship! Bring your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers for Varsity Friends & Family Day at Crossroads! Tickets on sale beginning Sunday, September 6 or during the week by contacting Rustie in the church office.

Two Important Worship Service Time Announcements

1) This Sunday (Labor Day Weekend), one worship service at 10:00am with Sunday School at 9:00am. Church Office will be closed Monday September, 7th and reopen Tuesday September 8th with normal business hours.

2) On September the 13th our 8:30am Worship Service will move up half an hour to a start time of 9:00am. We look forward to seeing everyone there are this new more convenient time. We're hoping this change will give everyone an extra bit of time to get to church as well as streamline our advertising as a 9:00,10:00, and 11:00 worship time church.

Sermon Summary

Holy Tradition and Holy Commandments Mark 7:1-15, 21-23

There are many instances in the Gospels where the Pharisees, a sect of the Jewish faith, challenge Jesus’ authority. The Pharisees were dedicated to obeying and pleasing God by observing distinctive practices found in scripture. Where there were vague instructions, traditions developed to help the faithful in their quest to be holy.

Jewish handwashing rituals became one of the many traditions that evolved as a practice of holiness. Of course, today’s science confirms the necessity of handwashing for good health, but the leaders of Jesus’ time made handwashing into a spiritual purification ritual. The practice washed the “evil” off your food, kitchenware, and hands making you less sinful before God. The disciples were not practicing these rituals and the Pharisees questioned Jesus’ apparent disregard for faithful practices.

Jesus doesn’t answer the handwashing question. I think he knew that personal hygiene was not what the Pharisees were concerned about. Jesus instead challenges the Pharisees at their own game. He says that following important commandments, not hand washing, make us holy. He uses an example of Pharisees who are breaking the 5th commandment (honoring mother and father). The Pharisees are unholy because they lie to their parents saying the support that might help them cannot go to them because it is dedicated to the temple for a special offering.

Jesus turns to the people and proclaims a new understanding of holiness, "Listen to me, all of you, and understand: there is nothing outside a person that by going in can defile, but the things that come out are what defile" (vv. 14-15). Simply put, unwashed hands, food, or kitchenware spiritually contaminate a person. Sin comes from the heart.

The things that defile us don’t from external things that can be washed away with a ritual. Sin comes from our own thoughts that we act out or speak out loud. We are responsible for what we do. God forgives our mistakes and helps us all overcome these shortcomings by following Christ Jesus and trusting in his ways. We also associate with his people, the church, to help us along the way.

Temptations will come, but God’s grace and support from the body of Christ will help us along the way. Are there things coming out of us that need to change? Start now. Trust Christ and begin a new journey.

Next Sunday: How to Kill Your Faith--James 2:1-17

(Holy Communion and One Worship service at 10:00am)