Kinder Corner

What's New With Miller Kindergarten! Week 3

School Timings

Please remember to have your child at school by 7:30! That's when we start passing out free knowledge!

Library Notes

We visited library for the second time, and our books went home this week. We have found that having the books "live" in your child's backpack when not being read is the best way to ensure that he/she has it on library day. We go to the library at 8:00, so books brought in late won't make it on time! Thank you for helping your child with this responsibility.

Get ready for cooler weather

Now is the perfect time to have your child start practicing zipping zippers, buttoning buttons, messing with mittens, and handling hats. They'll be independent at these skills before you know it! When the weather turns chilly, we don't want your child to lose recess time due to dressing delays.

***Fuzzy Friend Sleepover***

Thursday, September 17th

Bring your stuffed animal to school on Thursday so it can see what you do when you're away at school. They will get to spend all of Thursday and Thursday night at school. You will get to take them home on Friday, Sept. 19th. Wear pajamas to school on Friday to celebrate (please wear recess and gym-appropriate shoes, though).
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Curriculum Coming Up

Language Arts:

- General review of letters continues

- review hfw "I" and "can"

- position words


-numbers through 7

-problem solving using tools


-germs and handwashing

Social Studies:

-music and instruments

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