William "Dummy" Hoy

By Peyton Johnson

who where and when

Dummy was born on May 23 1862 and died on Dec. 15 1961

He had been born in Houcktown, OH and died in Cincinnati, OH

dummy had went to Ohio School for the Deaf and graduated from the Ohio State school for the Deaf in Columbus

what did he do

Dummy hoy was the most famous deaf baseball player. he had played for the Washington Nationals and the Cincinnati Reds

some of dummys pics

when did he become deaf

dummy became deaf at age 3 because he had gotten meningitis

how did he impact the deaf community

dummy impacted it because he showed if he could play sports then other deaf people could to. when ever he first went into the league people thought he wouldn't be able to play because he was deaf, but he showed them wrong

intesting facts

He opened a shoe repair business before signing his first baseball contract

had six children

Tommy Leach roomed with Dummy in 1899, and got to be good friends. He was a real fine ballplayer When you played with him in the outfield, the thing was that you never called for a ball. You listened for him, and if he made this little squeaky sound, that meant he was going to take it. —Tommy Leach, in Lawrence Ritter’s The Glory of Their Times