The Cougar Times

from the desk of Cissy Floyd, Principal

Full Steam Ahead into Data!

Beginning on Monday, we will dive into Cougar data. Many of you, like me, get excited about analyzing data, setting goals, and intentionally planning for our children and for CES! Fourth and fifth grade will meet Monday, third and second on Tuesday, and Kindergarten and First on Wednesday. I will be attending a district data session on Monday.

Below are a few shots from Open House. Thank you for filling our hallways with quality student work samples. While parents snapped pictures, our Cougars took pride in the display of their efforts. What is posted outside of classrooms is a snapshot of the quality of instruction taking place in our flexible learning environments. #fullsteamaheadtowardsexcellence

First Week of October

3rd-Data Day 4/5

4th-Data Day 2/3

4th-Called Faculty Meeting/Saftey Procedures Review

5th-Data Day K/1; Fall Make-up Pics

6th-MTSS Den Meetings

7th-HH Horse Farm Field Trip

7th-SLOs due

Dear Younger Me,... Love, The Teachers of Central Elementary