Religion Spotlight: Islam (Muslim)

By Drew V. and Gabe M.

Origin Spotlight: Islam

The Islamic religion started in the middle east, around the Arabian peninsula. The Islamic religion is also known as Muslim religion. It started it started with the prophet Muhammad. He said that he was the true god, and had no others that were equal to him. Most of the people that believed that were the Arabian people that were in Jerusalem, Medina, and Mecca. There were many people who claimed to be the prophet Muhammad, but they weren't really. After the last of the prophets had died of, the Islamic religion started to spread across the middle east and into Europe, all the way to Spain. Because of the spreading of Islamic religion in the Middle East, the Christians in Europe started the Crusades to take back Jerusalem.

Founder of Islamic Religion Spotlight: Muhammad

Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570 AD. His father died shortly before his birth, and he lost his mother at the age of six. Muhammad was then raised primarily by his uncle, for whom he worked as a shepherd. At age 9, he joined his uncle on a caravan to Syria. As a young man, Muhammad worked as a camel driver between Syria and Arabia. Soon he established a career managing caravans on behalf of merchants. Through his travel first with his uncle and later in his career. At age 25, Muhammad was employed by Khalid, a wealthy Meccan widow 15 years his senior. The two were married, and enjoyed a loving and happy marriage. Although polygamy was common practice at the time, Muhammad took no other wife than Khadija until her death 24 years later. He was always careful to clarify his role in God's work and he was only a prophet. He was not an angel, he did not know the mind of God, he did not work miracles. He simply preached what he had received.


Islam is polytheistic religion because they only god that they believe in their religion is Muhammad, or the prophets that claim to be him. Islam is ranked second in world religion to Christianity. The name for the Islamic god is Allah.. Allah is also considered to be Muhammad, since he is the main god of the religion. Allah is said to give all the senses to man. It is also said that he taught man .The name of the Islamic holy book is a group of religious books from different periods of time. The Islamic religion had Five main pillars are the belief of God, belief in the angels, belief in God’s revealed books, belief in the prophets and the messengers of god, and the belief in the day of judgment.

Diffusion of Islam

Islam had a powerful army from the beginning so it spread by diplomacy and by the sword. By the seventh century, Muslims had spread from Arabia to Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Alexandria, and Isfahan. In the year 711, they invaded Spain via the Straits of Gibraltar and entered into India. Between the lands they controlled and the regions with which they traded, Muslims were in contact with almost the entire known world. Their situation, between the eastern reaches of Europe and the central plains of Asia, allowed for an unprecedented transfusion of knowledge.

Islam to Christianity

The date founded of Islam is 622 CE and the date founded of Christianity is 30 AD. The founders of Christianity were Jesus, Peter, Paul and the founder of Islam was Muhammad. The language for Christianity is Aramaic and Greek and the languages for Islam is Arabic The current size rank for Christianity is the largest in the world and Islam's is second.

Islam to Judaism

Judaism is older than Islam

Islam was founded by Muhammad, and Judaism by Moses.

Judaism started in Israel, Islam in Saudi Arabia

Islam is larger than Judaism

Islam to Hinduism

Top Line is Hinduism

Bottom Line is Islam

Place of worship

Hinduism: Temple (Mandir)

Islam: Mosque/masjid, any place which is clean.


Not credited to a particular founder.



Meditation, Yoga, contemplation, yagna (communal worship), offerings in the temple.

Five pillars: Testament that there is one God and Muhammad is his messenger (shahadah); prayer five times daily; fast during Ramadan; charity to the poor (zakat); pilgrimage (Hajj).

Belief of God

Several beliefs depending on school of thought: polytheism, monotheism, pantheism, etc.

Only one God.

Islam to Confucianism

The first difference between the two religions is that Islam has more followers.

Islam is found in more countries than Confucianism.

Confucianism was started by Confucius, a Chinese scholar. Islam was started by a prophet named Mohammed.

Both believe in the afterlife and the existence of a deity (God).

Islam to Taoism

Taoism originated in China

Islam in the middle east

Taoism has no reference to a God

Islam has one main God (Muhammad)

Taoism concentrates on the “Way”

Islam has Five main principles, not just one main one.

More people believe in Islam than in Taoism