L'Chaim AZA Takes SRC 2013!

We Run This

The Spirit Stick

It will be ours
L'Chaim AZA's SRC 2013 Video!

SRC 2013: Dare to Dream

Friday, March 22nd, 3pm to Sunday, March 24th, 4pm

6650 North Andrews Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pick Up Time and Location

The bus will be picking us up at the Sandler center of the Boca JCC. Instead of turning right after the guard gate, turn left - you will see buses.

The bus will be LEAVING at 3:15 PM, so make sure to be there by 3





Sunday is StandUP! day. Our stand up cause is JAFCO so we will be wearing our home-made shirts to show our support

if you did not pay for a T-shirt at wednesday's meeting, please bring $20 for your shirt and spirit gear

With Love,

Xander Posner

L'Chaim AZA #000222's 18th Aleph Moreh