The American Revolution!

by: Aaron Smith


We just got taxed for paper products for Great Britain to get money! They say it’s for a war they have to pay for! We have to buy a stamp every time we buy a newspaper, a legal document, or playing cards! It's a waste of money paying for a stamp for Great Britain to get money to help with a war we were not even a part of!The other Patriots and I should rebel against this unfair act called the stamp act!

- by: the Patriots

Patriots are taking the stamp act way too far!

We loyalists understand why Great Britain is taxing us on paper products. Patriots are taking this way too far! So what they’re taxing us. At least they’re doing it for a reason! We will pay taxes because the war was very expensive. I mean can’t you just help out a country? I mean it's not like one stamp costs that much anyway. Just deal with it!

- by: the Loyalists

Declaration of Independence:

Jefferson wanted the colonists to be free and have rights. Locke believed that people’s rights should be protected. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin wrote the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson spent a lot of time trying to plan out how it would look. Once they all agreed with it, everyone, (Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin), showed their ideas. Once they were all done with that, The Declaration of Independence was made!

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Taxing Colonists!

The stamp act was about Great Britain taxing colonists on paper products. Colonists had to buy a stamp along with a paper product such as legal documents, newspapers, or playing cards. The Colonists boycotted these items. After the Stamp Act was repealed, The Townshend Acts was made. The Townshend Acts are making colonists be taxed for paper, wool, glass, paint, and lead. Colonist decide to boycott these items too. They made their own products! The Townshend Acts also got repealed except tea. The colonists were way too mad and that lead to the Boston tea party.
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The Boston Tea Party!

After Great Britain did not repeal taxing on tea, things got even crazier! A group of patriots disguised as Native Americans threw 342 boxes of tea off the ship and into the Boston harbor! After this happened, Great Britain made the Intolerable Acts! The Intolerable Acts were about colonists helping the British soldiers.

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1770, Parliament repealed the Townshend Acts accept for tea. Tea was still taxed.

March 5th, 1770 the Boston Massacre happened.

December 16th, 1773, the Boston Tea Party happened. Tea was threw of the British boats and into the Boston harbor.

1776, Members of the Second Continental Congress decided it was time to declare independence.