Bulimia Nervosa

Mental disease

The statistics

  • an estimate of 4%of females in the u.s will suffer from Bulimia in their lifetime.
  • 3.9% of these individuals will die.
  • Only 6% of Bulimia obtainsers get treatment.

Physical symptoms

Bulimia could cause thinning of the waste, staining of teeth, swelling of cheeks or jaw area, and may also cause calluses of the back the hands and knuckles.

Emotional symptoms

Bulimia Nervosa causes low self esteem, and poor self image.

Social symptoms

bulimia makes excuses to get out of social activities involving going out to eat, and exercise.

Behavior symptoms

The mental illness makes you throw up the food you consumed, it may also make you sometimes purge and consume large quantities of food at once, because of painful hunger.

Princes Diana - Bulimia celebrity

Great Britain's princes, had suffered from binging and purging, and the personal insecurity of stress that caused it.