Into The Ipod

By: Anya Garcia

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During this article you will be learning the history of an iPod. In the picture above you will see the FIRST EVER IPOD!Starting from July 2001 with the 1st ever iPod!(Make some of you feel old right?). But we are now on the iPod 6 and that was released in march 2016!


When a product becomes as popular and widespread worldwide as the iPod, people begin to ask the question "who invented the iPod?"The inventor of this product would be a man named Steve jobs who also goes by the nickname 'Blow".Steve jobs (Blow) created this piece of technology because he thought apple should make there own Mp3 player,one that played well with the iTunes and could attract more costumers to the Mac platform.


The ipod come in all different shapes and all different types! Starting with ....

  • Classic
  • Mini
  • Nano
  • Shuffle
  • And most current Ipod Touch
(There's 6 in each of these categories)

Click the video below to see all of the ipods !!

all iPods ever made

3 cool facts!

- It comes with facetime

-Come in many colors

-There cool / different emojis


Now that i have taken you into the ipod sadly its time to take you out! I hope you have learned lots about the history of a ipod if further questions you may have about a ipod visit the citation listed below!