LC News for December

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A blast from the past…2013 Bluestem Club

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iPad Procedures / New Apps!

Sign Up: In the Teamup calendar, please indicate your room and the specific iPad (numbers) you are reserving. Check that the numbers you want don't overlap with another teacher's reservation.

Recommendation: Reserve the iPads for an entire morning or afternoon so you have time to pick them up first thing in the morning and return them at lunch. Some grade levels reserve a set and share in their rooms.

Returns: Please return the iPads in a TIMELY fashion, as other teachers are waiting to use them.

Pick Up: Make sure you take only the numbers you reserved. If the iPads you reserved have not been returned by the teacher who had them earlier in the day, please use the LC phone behind Debi's desk to call that teacher. Extension numbers are posted above the LC phone.

The PDF below lists the apps that should be on all of our 18 iPads, including several new ones.

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Do you want a more seamless approach to research time?

I've been updating the old Diigo pathfinders to more appealing Weebly pages. All of the needed research tools (excluding books if you use them) can be linked on one page. This will save time and keep students on task when you are in the computer labs. If you are doing research on a topic, I can create a pathfinder for you with links that you provide or I locate for you. These Weebly pages and more are linked on our Resource page.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

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Bluestem Club

Gr. 3 Bluestem Club meets 12/14
Gr. 4-5 Bluestem Club meets 12/7
Permission slips and quiz must be completed by 12/10 and 12/3 respectively.

Be the first to name this cheesy Noah Wylie TV show to win a cheesy prize.

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MAP Testing

January 11-19 - The Learning Center will be closed. No checkouts. No fines accrued.

The sign-up sheet will be available in the Learning Center for you to schedule your test sessions. If you are testing upstairs, please use the stairs by the Circulation desk.

Gr. 2: Sign up for Reading, Language, and Math.
Gr. 3-5: Sign up for Reading and Math.

I will put copies of the accommodations sheets in your boxes - please return before the break if there are any changes. This will help us to verify students testing in Read180 and the students who work with Donna A. (and require laptops set apart on the library tables).
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December 01 - December 03
ORLAND PARK, IL 60467-5511
Tuesday, Dec. 1: 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Wednesday, Dec. 2: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Thursday, Dec. 3: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

Useful Links

Teamup Calendar

Library Catalog to look up books.

Destiny Resource Page

Thanks for catching up on the news of the LC! ~ Karen

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