Deer Path Middle Media Centers

The Cube and The Haskins Center

The Cube and Haskins staff are ready and willing to support you and your students. How can we help you?

Check out Destiny -- our online catalog. Students and staff can access Destiny from any computer to search for books in both the Cube and Haskins. You and students can also log into Destiny to search for titles as well as review books.

We can also give book talks for your students to help them find that "just right" book.

INFORMATION LITERACY SKILLS -- finding, evaluating and using information

We teach Information Literacy Skills. We can help your students effectively use Destiny (our online catalog) and our DPM online databases (see below). We can help your students learn how to effectively search Google. We also teach website evaluation, how to create a correctly formatted bibliography, and following copyright to be good digital citizens.


We can help you find online and print resources for your students' projects. We can create resource lists of books or websites to share with your students.

Collaboration and Co-teaching

Schedule an appointment with us to collaborate on upcoming projects. We'll help you find the resources and co-teach with you so your students are fully supported in all their projects.

Learning Spaces @ DPM

You can access the online calendar here:

In this website you can sign up for space in the Cube and Haskins. You will be able to view the calendars. You will also see links to reserving equipment in both the Cube and Haskins.

Contact us any time!


Patti Fleser - x7433

Gretchen Hardy - x5790


Ben Beard - x4455

Kathy Yang - x5794

Or come to the Cube or Haskins and talk to us directly! We're always glad to see you!