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Tourist Attraction: The Central Nervous System

The central nervous system consist of the brain and the spinal cord. It's purpose is to respond to stimuli, both internal and external. It does this through nerve impulses, which send messages to and from the brain/ spinal cord, to other places throughout the body. But beware! Sometimes, within this region, things can go awry, causing paralysis.

What Makes Up The Nervous System?

The neuron, which is the smallest unit of the nervous system, is responsible for sending nerve impulse messages to other neurons. The neuron has three parts to its structure. Many people see it as the most basic structure, yet also the most important and complex structure of the nervous system.

1. Dendrite- Receive the signal from another neuron.

2. Cell body- Holds the nucleus and other parts of the cell.

3.Axon- Carries the nerve impulse to the next cell.

Examples of Neurons

The Beach


The central nervous system acts as the mainland, and the neurons all around it are the ocean, sending impulses much like waves. When the impulse reaches the end of the cell, it releases a substance known as the neurotransmitter, which is then accepted by the next cell through the dendrites. If nerves are damaged, it can result in paralyzation.During the synapse, the chemical that is released is acetylcholine, which is found in the brains and bodies of many animals. It acts as a neurotransmitter.