Effective Teacher

Created By: Michael, Stephanie, Dana, Rebecca, Alison

What does an effective teacher do?

  1. Stays organized
  2. Keeps students engaged in a lesson
  3. Manages the classroom
  4. Explain, teach and simplify material
  5. Stays flexible

How does an effective teacher do it?

  1. Stay on top of things, keep a detailed planner, plan ahead, write down any inspiring ideas as soon as they come up
  2. The teacher relates what is being taught to what the students enjoy, very enthusiastic with what they are teaching
  3. Limits distractions, sets strict classroom rules and enforces them, and the classroom set up to encourage student collaboration
  4. Instructional variety, clear instructional procedures, use of outside resources and activities
  5. Allows extra time for taking/completing tests, offers different styles of tests (multi. choice, essay, true false), have back up lesson plans, willing to try new teaching styles

Effects on the students

  1. Sets a good model for students to follow
  2. Students feel valued in the classroom (their ideas matter), makes the students want to be there
  3. Students become more disciplined and well mannered, keeps the students on task.
  4. Students are able to find out about their learning style, better understanding of the content
  5. Students are able to connect with the teacher more, students feel less pressure