The Scientific Revolution

~The Change Begins ~

What is This Oh So Wonderful Revolution??

A major change in European thought, starting in the mid-1500's in which the study of the natural world began to be characterized by careful observation, and the questioning of accepted beliefs.

OMG There Was A Change!!??

The Scientific Revolution was a major change of "thinking". Instead of thinking logically they thought scientific and numerically. This is a period that was based upon careful observation and willingness to question accepted beliefs.

A combination of discoveries, circumstances, and published works of scholars brought a challenge to the ideas of ancient thinkers , and the churches. It Simply caused a Replacement of old assumptions with NEW theories.

**Contributors To The Great Change **

Old School Made New School Better

Us today (2013) And them back then (1500's) The scientific Revolution impacted a great movement of thinking and a wider range of education. It provided us all with new ideas, new discoveries, new ways of open minded thinking, and New ways to take risk. It brought great new discoveries such as the scientific method, the microscope, barometers, Print& Press and more. They provided us with a complex society , and Themselves with a movement that would change the world. The new ways of thinking prompted a bigger, better, and more complex society.

We Are Change. We Are Science. We Created The New Beginning . We Are The Scientific Revolution.!