Do you want a best friend

are you lonely or depressed

get a pet and bring joy and excitement to you're life

get the animal breed from you're favorite movie or video games then get active and play with them
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2.I believe this advertisement is for young children. It is appealing to them because children look for cute items such as teddy bears and in this commercial the dog looks cute. Everything is grey other than the dog making the dog eye catching to children because young children look for color. In this AD there is less text shown and kids do not want to read text.

3. 1.Less text because when you look at successful ads they have less text the reason being no one wants to read a paragraph when the are travelling and encounter a ad 2.the dog is the only colored object making it the main focus and showing dogs can bring color into you're world 3. The product is cute 4.slogan attracts people that are board at home or need a friend.

4.yes,I agree because it makes the product (the dog) eye catching and the dog looks behaved(not chewing any furniture or not shedding) so parents can approve buying the pet. I would do something like this but with a tiny bit more text ( slogans and quotes ) but I will use the concept of cute animals and the animals being focused on. the thing I do not like about this ad is it appealing to little amounts of audience for example its not appealing to gamer's or sports players.
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