San Miguel Bulletin

October 5th-9th

Instructional Focus -Math Talk

Ask your students during math...

  • What is your reasoning?
  • How do you know which operation to use?
  • Can you explain what _______ means?
  • Did anyone think about another way to solve the problem?
  • I agree or disagree because....
  • Please explain how you got that answer...
  • Why did you choose that method?
  • What else could you have done to solve the problem?

Weekly Schedule

Upcoming Events

**Speech has been cancelled until 10/7. Please keep Stefanie Suzuki's mother in your prayers.

10/4 Sunday- Renee Hall and Alyssa Diaz' Birthday!

10/5- Monday

8:00- Post Observation conference

8:30 CELDT Testing -1st graders

3rd-5th Opinion Writing Begins

6th Grade Art Core -Bruner (Will be back at 12:30 for Lunch)

10:15 CPA Meeting

1:00 Parent and EDP Meeting

2:20 PTA Meeting, Media Center, Childcare provided

10/6 Tuesday

7:35 PAC

8:00 Parent Meeting

8:30 CELDT Testing -1st graders

8:30 6th Grade Art Core -Bruner (Will be back at 12:30 for Lunch)

Ballet- San Diego Civic Youth Ballet, Cafeteria

Smith 8:45- 9:30

Honig 9:35- 10:20

Warriner 10:25-11:10

8:30 Observation

9:55 Observation

10:30 0bservation

2:20 GOTR

2:30 SSTS

3:15 Post Observation Conference

10/7 Wednesday
International Walk to School Day

8:30 CELDT Testing -1st graders (should be last day for 1st graders)

6th Grade Art Core -Bruner (Will be back at 12:30 for Lunch)

Collaboration Rotation B in Room 20- Agenda and Schedule Below

10:35 Post Observation Conference

2:30 Staff Meeting

SDMA 2 Hours- Lyric Writing Workshop until 4:30 pm with CoTA

You will be paid for the extra .75/hour, optional attendance from 3:45- 4:30 pm

10/8 Thursday Heidi Off Campus w/Art Core

Happy Birthday Dan Decker!

6th Grade Art Core -Bruner (Will be back at 12:30 for Lunch)

CoTA - 1 SUB Needed

10/9 Friday

6th Grade Art Core -Bruner (Will be back at 12:30 for Lunch)

HOC- Teacher Effectiveness and Evaluation (Stowe Off Campus)

CoTA - 1 SUB Needed

1-2 Lucy Calkins- End Unit 1 (K- week after)

10/10 Salute to Teachers! Go Dan!

Happy Birthday!

10/4 Happy Birthday Renee Hall and Alyssa Diaz

10/8 Happy Birthday Dan Decker

Weekly Shout Outs

  • Well done Roland.... for getting all of those spiders lurking in the shadows of those trashcans!
  • Yahoo to Tonya for purchasing the bathroom table! It is so appreciated!
  • Thank you to Maya for working in student observations of the 2nd graders before the SST meetings... helping guide our intervention work and being proactive!
  • Thank you to Sue and Summer for going above and beyond setting up Playground Partners and providing training to students and CPAs.
  • Thank you to CPAs for attending the Playground Partners training an making this a priority for our students. Your extra efforts are appreciated!
  • Thank you to Sarah Harris for having the patience for DAILY Restorative Circles with our 6th grade girls and guiding them to great friendships!
  • Incredible attention to detail given by our Sound Partners Team.... we are moving mountains one day at a time.

Behavior Focus


What does it look like, sound like?

Please recreate the Big 3 Being Safe, Respectful and Responsible

  • Safe: stay to the right, stay outside yellow lines, walk
  • Respectful: quiet voices, hands and feet to self
  • Responsible: go to and from class quickly, use hall pass at all times

Restorative Topics

  • Fill My Bucket Fridays

    After reading the book, Fill My Bucket, to your class. Take time at least once a week to let the students practice saying things in the circle that fill their buckets. (Appreciations and affirmations)

  • Mix it Up!

Students often sit by the same kids everyday in circle. This is a fun way to mix it up a bit. Say something like, “if you have a dog, stand up.” Everyone with a dog at home will stand up. These kids are then asked to switch seats. Continue with other comments like “if you have a sister, stand up” etc...

  • Participation Treats

If you are struggling to get students to share or participate in your circle, have a bowl of little candies or fruit. This bowl acts as a talking piece for the day. As it goes around, anyone who participates in the activity may take a candy. Or an alternative activity is to send the bowl around first, and each student that wants to participate today takes a candy. They may eat the candy once they’ve participated in the circle.

  • Emotion Cards

This activity helps students learn how to check into circle. It can also be used at any time during the year to help build their vocabulary. Have a bunch of pictures with people displaying different emotions. There should be enough pictures for each student to have one. Spread them out in the circle and have the students pick a picture. Explain that today in circle, they are going to ‘Check in’ for a person in the picture. This activity works best if the students have a paper with many different emotion words to help build their vocabulary. (purchase emotion cards here)

  • I Can Listen

This is a great strategy to teach students why it is important to listen to each other. Have the students partner up. One partner leaves and goes into the hall. An adult or EA tells these students that their job is to tell their partner about their best friend (or any other topic/story). The adult or teacher in the classroom tells these students that they need to act bored and tired while their partner is speaking to them. Allow students to role play and then have a classroom discussion about how it felt to be ignored.Now have the students switch roles. Have the partner that stayed in the room leave into the hall. Give these students a topic to talk about such as “My best day ever...” . Have an adult in the room explain to the kids that their job is to interrupt their partners stories over and over again. Allow students to role play and then have a classroom discussion about how it felt to be interrupted.

  • String Game
Bring a ball of yarn. Start off by giving someone a compliment, and rolling the ball of yarn to them. The new person with the yarn gives another compliment and sends the ball of yarn to the next person. In the end, talk about how connected everyone is in a community and how each persons roles/skills/characteristics etc... are unique, but crucial to the community.

  • Remember When

Tell the class to think of a time when you ___ (ie. Think of a time when you felt like you didn’t belong or were left out. Think of a time when you were devalued. Think of a time when you felt proud of something you accomplished. Think of a time when your friend was being picked on) - Have the students go around and tell what happened and how they felt in those moments)

  • Characteristic Cards

Have positive characteristic words written on cue cards (ie. confident, caring, safe, thoughtful, etc...). It’s good to have 30-40 cards. Spread these cards in the center of the circle and tell the students to pick a card that they think represents themselves. Have the kids go around the circle, one at a time, and pick up the card that represents them and explain why. They then put the card back. Example of Cue Cards -

  • Alternative Characteristic Card Activity

Using the same characteristic cards, spread them out in the middle of the circle and tell the students that they should pick one that represents someone they know, or admire, or someone in the circle, or school.

  • Alternative Characteristic Card Activity #2

Created characteristic skill cards with words that are often seen as ‘weaknesses’. (ie. Messy, disorganized, procrastinator, mean, bully, poor listener, discouraged easily, quitter, poor loser, etc...) Have students pick a card of a characteristic that they have that they would like to work on. This activity needs a lot of trust and maturity from the kids to develop mature answers that everyone will respect.

Restorative Ideas

Restorative Circle Information and Quick Reference

CAASPP Data and Instruction

1. Reports, List Reports, Clear, then highlight "Prebuilt" in the first column and "SBA" in the second column and hit search.

2. Select the report Smarter Balanced Assessment Performance Summary.

3. Under Enrollment roster date, select 14-15

4. Additional Filters: select ELA or Math, then the test.

5. Group student by Teacher

6. Click view in browser. When the colored report comes up, click on Show All above the report and then you can scroll through each teacher.


Schedule: Rotation B See times on link


1. Review Page 28

  • Stand and Converse
  • Take a Side
  • Conversation Lines and Circles
What resonates with you and your team?

Chose one to try...what needs to be put in place BEFORE your try this with your class?
2. Review Page 29- 30 First Days

  • Model Bad Conversations
  • Sticking to the Destination, the Purpose and the Main Topic
  • Establish Conversation Norms- What might that look like at your grade level?

3. 5 Core Skills of Academic Conversation Review

Assessments Review-Data Analysis

1. Writing- Bring 2 samples of a High/Medium/Low Writing

(Kinder already did this...)

2. Math- Bring Results of Chapter 1 Math Test- for question analysis and review

(Kinder already did this...)

3. SBAC-Heidi will bring SBAC scores for students. Will analyze strengths and weakness of current students.

for K -2, will have alternate activity

Remember, you need to be able to access Illuminate and SBAC scores. Please practice using the instructions above.

Assignment for Next Rotation of Collaborations

Lesson Activities for Developing Core Conversation Skills

Extend your Activities

Skills 3, 4, 5

Choose one, try it out and be ready to share.

COTA Schedule

September 21 – December 11


10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24 (holiday), 12/1, 12/8

10:45-11:45 Bollens 4th grade class with Christina Thurston at San Miguel

(no class 11/17)

12:45-1:45 Bradley 5th grade class with Christina Thurston at San Miguel


10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11 (holiday), 11/18, 11/25 (holiday), 12/2, 12/9

9:30-10:30 Stowe 6th grade class with Albert Songalia at San Miguel


10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26 (holiday), 12/3, 12/10

11:10-11:55 Stowe meeting with Albert Songalia at San Miguel

12:30-1:00 Diaz meeting with April McBride at San Miguel

1:05-1:30 Bruner meeting with April McBride at San Miguel

1:35-2:00 Vazquez meeting with April McBride at San Miguel

1:00-2:00 Adams 5th grade class with Leo Francisco at San Miguel


10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/27 (holiday), 12/4, 12/11

8:15- 9:30 Parent class with Leo Francisco and Kim Sowvlen

9:30 -10:00 Sowvlen meeting with Leo Fransisco at San Miguel

11:00-11:40 Adams meeting with Leo Francisco at San Miguel

11:45-12:25 Bradley meeting with Christina Thurston at San Miguel

12:30-1:15 Bollens meeting with Christina Thurston at San Miguel

(no meeting 10/9 or 11/20)

9:30-10:30 Bruner 6th grade class with April McBride at San Miguel

10:45-11:45 Vazquez 4th grade class with April McBride at San Miguel

12:30-1:30 Diaz 4th grade class with April McBride at San Miguel

*Tuesday 9/29 and 10/6:

2:20 Bollens make-up meetings with Christina Thurston after school

*Tuesday 12/8

10:45 Bollens make-up class (for 11/17) with Christina Thurston

Girls on the Run

Tuesday Thursday

Adams Reisch

Warriner Smith

Hauser Locke

Kuehn Sowvlen

Diaz Murillo

Assessments and Pacing Guide


5th 3rd-5th Grade Opinion Writing Begins

9th Lucy Caulkins-End Unit 1

11th INSPECT Orange Assessment week

All tests are available in Illuminate for Printing and Analysis for student prep.

Lucy Caulkins Assessment Week K-2

Weekly Music

Music Listening WEEK 5 is on the V driven on 1SM Music Listening, in the YEAR TWO folder. You should be on WEEK 5.

Daily Music Listening should be listed clearly in your weekly lesson plans, which should be out and readily accessible for viewing at any time.

2nd Step

1 Second Step lesson should be taught weekly.

If you have any questions or needs, or request a sample lesson models, please email Edna.

2nd Step should be listed clearly in your weekly lesson plans, which should be out and readily accessible for viewing at any time.

Teaching Channel- Giving Specific Praise- Growth Mindset