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Hey Tanglewood Works Fans,

I know it sounds crazy but I'm already trying to get the house "company ready" for all the friends and family we will be hosting this year. I've been known to do some crazy things at the last possible minute just to add that final touch. One Christmas eve I actually redid my entire kitchen floor with vinyl composition tile so it looked nicer for guests. Well-it did.

That was pre-children and pre-shop so I had time for such DIY shenanigans but now I have to actually plan ahead. (Not my strong suit). Anyway, now is the time consider: will all family members fit around your current dining table, will you have enough chairs for those unexpected guests, do you have the cupboard you want the way you want it? Remember, we offer custom paint services if you want to spice things up a bit this season.

We are also working hard to make sure we have a huge variety of wonderful handmade gifts at all price points this year so you can make us your one stop fun and funky gift shopping destination.

Sue Older-Mondeel
Senior Dumpster Diva

PS-If you wanna help us-YELP US. We are suffering from a low number of reviews because many of our wonderful fans include a nice note on the Community Forklift page. YELP reviews help us get found so we'd love some of our own. Many thanks for supporting a small local business.

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