Confessions of a Murder Suspect

James Patterson

Have you ever thought that your parents might be hiding something from you?


An orphan families parents had died mysteriously over night. There was lots of research done to figure out who the murder was. Many people and investigators think that their kids had killed their parents because the kids always said that they were so mean to them. Also the kids were the only ones with access to their apartment, well that's what they thought. After a while their kids found a secret laboratory in their apartment. Once they had broken in the found charts with different combinations of numbers and letters that stud for different medicines that their parents had been giving them their whole life. Late one night they woke up to the noise of their uncle Peter sneaking into the laboratory in the middle of the night. Right then and there they assumed that it was him that killed there parents because they realized that some how their uncle had access to their apartment. At the end the sneak into a guy named Nate Crosby's apartment and found recordings of their family from their apartment. He had cameras hidden in their house and the recording showed their parents the night of their death. They found out that their mother had pancreatic cancer and had drink poison to put herself out of her misery. But her father had drinker it too because he didn't want to die from a broken heart from the strong affectionate love. " There's something I've been avoiding. Something I haven't admitted to anyone."


I chose this book because it seemed very interesting and I like to read mystery murder books. My favorite part of this book occurred when they found out that they no longer had to be the blame for the murderer of their parents. In my opinion, the book is very suspenseful. Some reasons I like this book are because it was set up very well. Overall, I would rate the book an 8 because the book really grasped my attention. I would recommend this book to all ages above 12.

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Confessions of a Murder Suspect Book Trailer