The Administration Team at Montclair Elementary School would like to thank our parents for being influential stakeholders. We appreciate your patience and adaptability as none of us have experienced brick-and-mortar schools within a worldwide pandemic. With that said, we have to emphasize some vital procedures and guidelines to continue to strive to remain Montclair Strong.

  1. Mask Mandate: We understand that masks have become a reality in our day-to-day lives. Please emphasize to your child that it is essential that the cover remains above their noses and mouths. Adults and children sometimes forget when we are most comfortable, and the staff at Montclair Elementary School have no problems reminding our students to wear their masks correctly. However, we have had situations where students refused to wear their masks correctly. Would you please stress to your children that repeated Mask Non-Compliance may lead to a temporary suspension or re-assignment to our Virtual Academy under the Health Service Guidelines and protocol coming from Cumberland County Schools? We enjoy having our students in our building, but we must protect all children and staff members.
  2. School Dismissal and Return from illness: As we continue to navigate during Covid 19, we must also follow procedures for treating possible cases within the school system. We know that some of our policies can be strenuous, but they are meant to protect our students and staff members. If your child displays any of the Covid-19 symptoms, they will be sent home. A staff member will call you or the listed emergency contact for your child to be picked up right away. After your child has been picked up, you will need to take them to their primary care provider or Covid-19 testing site. If they have tested positive, they will need to be out of school for ten school days. The Health Service department will contact you regarding when your child can return. If your child's results are negative, you will need to provide and healthcare provider's note stating that they can return to school immediately. Your student will not be able to return to school until the front office has received that note.
  3. Car Rider Numbers: On Monday, September 13, we will be distributing Car Rider Numbers during pickup. There will be a delay in the car rider line while we assign parents numbers. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with our front office.
  4. Returned Powerschool Profile forms: Yesterday, teachers sent home your child's Powerschool Profile to be filled out by parents. Our school needs all parents or guardians to return this form will the updated Emergency Contacts listed. This form will also serve as check-in and check-out sheet for the students. Please be sure to return this form to the school as soon as possible.
  5. Transportation: If transportation needs to change, please send a letter to your child to be turned in to the front office staff. We can not take a Change of Transportation over the phone; it must be in written format. During dismissal, our goal is to make sure that every student goes home in the correct manner. Parents with students in the First or Second who would like their child to walk from the bus stop without an adult or authorized sibling fill out the 2021 - 2022 Permission to Release Student at Bus Stop form also listed below. Once you have filled out the form, please contact Mr.Gillespie via email at

Thank you so much for your time as we look forward to a year and rebuilding, refocusing, and reassuring all stakeholders on being Montclair Strong. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns for administrators, please feel free to email us, use Classdojo or contact us in our Facebook group.

Principal-Stephanie Wall Powell

Assistant Principal-Darius B.Gillespie

Principal Resident-Kacheckia Dewitt

Principal Intern-Geraldine Meadows

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