Alex Meza

"Anyone can Quit"


My academic goal would be to go to college and graduate to be an architect.I set this goal because besides fighting i like to build and make.

My athletic goal would be to be a professional boxer,i chose this because fighting is something i love to do and boxing helps me do that.

My Personal goal is to succeed in life to live a happy life and beautiful stable life.


One of my physical obstacles are never to give up and never stop trying.

My Family obstacles is that know one athletic in my family except me so its hard for approval and acceptance.

My school obstacle are getting good grades without changing who i am and not becoming what i don't want to be in life.

Financial pbstacle are the ones that affect me the most not having the money to train in fighting classes.


The only adult who never gave hope in me was my old jiu jitsu trainer who always belived i could do it never out me down.

My cousin lovesfighting too,so sometimes he would challenge me in a fight sometimes and never judged me.

My bestfriend since elementary always motivated me never judged me for my actions on fighting and training.

Personal Action Plans

For motivation I think about writers and cheaters and how at the end of the day they will never be truly winners.I tell myself anyone can quit,but it takes a man to keep going.

I would take classes on the body to learn on how it would works and what I could learn to use in combat.

I would need to be prepared for fighting an opponent and to expect the unexpected.

I would plan to study the opponents body movement,and practice as much as I can for as long as I con to help better myself

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