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A message from Superintendent Dr. James M. Gay

D230 Proud: 18th consecutive balanced budget; commitment to community

September 25, 2020

18th Consecutive Balanced Budget

At the School Board meeting last night, we passed the district's 18th consecutive balanced budget. This is no small task for any school district at any point in time, and especially now. I am incredibly proud of our school board, administration, and staff who work tirelessly each day to provide an incredible education for our students within the financial means of the district. It truly is a collective effort to assure our students receive the education they deserve and that our community expects while maintaining a balanced budget. This is a significant part of the District 230 legacy! Thank you to all who play a role in this process!

Student Representatives

As we prepare to welcome more students back to campus next week as we move to Stage 2, I was struck by the resilience and optimism expressed by our three student representatives last night. Sandburg's Leann Rahahleh, Stagg's Taranjit Braich, and Andrew's Erin George each spoke to the important role connections being made through virtual classes, activities, and athletics play in their lives during COVID-19. They each expressed gratitude for the dedication and work of their teachers, PPS teams, support staff, and administration in assuring they have the best possible education during these unusual times. I am grateful to each of them for the leadership they show with their peers as Student Council Presidents and for their willingness to represent their fellow students at our meetings each month.

Collective Commitment to Community

At the school board meeting, I shared thoughts for our community about our commitment to working through these difficult times collectively. The stress of living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic takes a toll on each of us. We must remain focused on our shared commitment to our students, staff, and community.

I began by saying that I am D230 Proud and I have never not been D230 Proud! I am proud of the reopening plan created through the committee and the Oversight Team process. I am proud of the passion each member of our school community has for the education for our students.

While we may not all agree on exactly how we should be implementing the plan, it is imperative that we respectfully work together in order to come out of this situation stronger. Just like with our own families, we may not always agree with one another, but that does not mean we ever stop caring for one another or respecting one another. I will never apologize for listening to all sides and making safety our priority. Now, more than ever, it is important that we work together.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to view my complete comments in the video below.


Dr. Jim Gay

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