#Thursday Thoughts

December 2, 2021

Depression and Anger

How irritability and anger can be signs of depression in children and teenagers:

We usually think of someone who’s depressed as being sad or “down” for a very long time. But children and teenagers who are depressed can also be irritable or angry a lot of the time. They may seem on edge. Some depressed kids are irritable instead of sad. Others are both: they alternate between sad and irritable.

Preparing For The Holidays During COVID-19

For many people, the holiday season will look different this year. Often, the last few months of the year are busy with parties and visiting family and friends. But due to COVID-19, things like traveling and gathering in large groups may not be possible.

Social and Emotional Learning: Strategies for Parents

There are many ways parents can encourage emotionally intelligent behavior in their children. Check out this guide to resources for learning more about character development.

Whether it's called "social and emotional learning" or "emotional intelligence," most people understand it's critical to pay attention to the development of the whole young person, including character education. Parents have a dual role to play in raising a self-aware, respectful child who knows how to manage his or her emotions, make responsible decisions, and resolve conflicts non-violently. At home, you should strive to create an environment of trust, respect, and support. Remember that modeling "emotionally intelligent" behavior at home is the first step in nurturing emotionally intelligent children. At school, you can work with other members of your school community to create a climate that supports social and emotional learning - in and out of the classroom.

Do Good December

This month, we're encouraging you to carry out small acts of kindness. This has been another difficult year of uncertainty and ups and downs for many of us. Kindness is contagious, and helping others has been proven to make us feel better too! Let's try to focus on being generous with our time and attention rather than money - it's free and better for everyone, as well as our planet! Click here for this month's calendar.
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