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Francis Howell Education Association


Thank you for reading this quarter's The Advocate. The Francis Howell Education Association is a wonderful organization that supports students, educators, and the Francis Howell School District in providing an outstanding education for students and a connection to the community. The goal of The Advocate is to connect with our members and help them be informed. If you have an idea for a topic that you would like to read about please share! Congratulations on making it through first quarter!

A Message from the President

As your FHEA president, I am extremely interested in getting to know our members, opening up dialogue, and learning about what is on the mind of members. That is why I have started the leadership luncheon. It is my goal to have lunch with every FHEA member this year. I have met with members at Heritage, EC Meadows Parkway, EC Hackmann, FHU, Daniel Boone, and EC Central. I have enjoyed meeting with each member and getting their perspective and input. I look forward to meeting you at your school in the near future!


District Committee Work

FHEA members are active participants on district committees. Read on for a brief description of a few committees. We are always looking for members to attend committees! Please contact Anita Kuehner if you are interested in participating.

  • Human Resources Strategic Planning Committee works to provide ongoing communication and to allow input for the critical functions of recruiting, training, and retaining highly qualified and diverse staff. They are meeting 10/20, 11/17, and 12/15
  • Finance and Operations was established in an effort to streamline committee assignments, better organize the school board's work, and enable the public to participate more fully in the decision making process. The committee will review fiscal issues, as well as all matters relating to finance and general district operations.
  • Negotiations Committee works to negotiate our contracts. They will be meeting November 5, 13, and 14. If you have questions or items for the committee, please contact Paul Twombly

Member Spotlight- Julie Ream

Julie is a gifted education specialist at Becky-David Elementary. She has been teaching for eleven years. Julie loves watching her students grow and follow their passions. She especially enjoys introducing students to new things in her classroom and seeing it spark an interest that may otherwise not have happened. Julie is very passionate about Lego Robotics and STEM and has taught at the Maryville University Summer Science and Robotics program for five years.

Julie knows how easy it can be to become overwhelmed with the demands of teaching. Her advice to other teachers is to remember to take care of yourself. She encourages everyone to focus on the positive things and to give yourself a break.

When she is not in the classroom, Julie enjoys music, playing tennis, practicing yoga, and spending time with family and friends. Thank you, Julie, for all of your hard work and dedication to the FHSD community!

Children's Division (formerly DFS)

If there is a Hot Line call, you are entitled to legal counsel as a member of FHEA. When you are notified about the meeting, please contact Anita Kuehner (636.578.6528) or Lisa Blaha (314.799.4355) immediately. If you are called to the office and you walk into a meeting where the investigator is present ask two questions:

1. Am I the subject of this investigation? If the answer is no, answer only the questions asked and answer truthfully. If the answer is yes, do not answer any questions and ask for the investigator's business card and tell them that Missouri NEA legal counsel will be calling them to reschedule.

2. Could I be named as the subject? If the answer is yes, do not answer any questions ask for the investigators business card and tell them that Missouri NEA legal counsel will be calling them to reschedule.

Missouri NEA Representative Assembly

November 7th is the fall MNEA representative assembly. At this assembly MNEA members will decided and approve the legislative platform, which gives direction to MNEA and our legislative lobbyist, Otto Fagan. This year the fall RA will take place at Westport in Maryland Heights, Mo.

The following members will attend on behalf of FHEA:

Anita Kuehner- FHEA President

Paul Twombly- Bryan

Pat Zeitz- Saeger

Donna Malkmus- FHN

Grace Clifford- FHC

Lisa Adams- EC Meadows Parkway

Erin O’Sullivan- Becky- David

Kim Coil- FHN

Susan Niederberger- Barnwell

Angie Wheelehan- Barnwell

Bev Lofton- Barnwell

Francine Hill- Castlio

If you would like to attend a representative assembly in the future, please contact Anita Kuehner. Thank you to the members who are planning to attend on our behalf!

MNEA Gives Back

Delegates of the Fall Representative Assembly are asked to bring donations for Operation Food Search's Operation Backpack Program. This program provides a backpack full of food to children in Saint Louis area schools, including St. Louis Public Schools, Riverview Gardens, Normandy, Jennings, and Ferguson-Florissant among other area districts.

The most needed foods include pop-top cans of soup, chili, fruit, vegetables, pasta with meat, chicken, and pouches of tuna. Pop-top canned goods are requested for children in transitional housing situations. This ensures they will be able to open and eat the food.

The goal of the food drive is to leave the community in a better place than when we arrived. We have always been generous donors to food drives and surely this year will be no exception! Please plan to donate either food or money. The items can be given to any of our representatives going to the RA or you can contact Anita Kuehner for pick up. Thank you for your donations!

Rock the Socks

The Missouri NEA Human Rights Committee invites you to Rock the Socks! This event is part of the committee's annual community service project. They will be collecting socks during the fall and spring representative assemblies.

They are in search of socks of all sizes and colors, which will be donated to various shelters throughout Missouri. You can give your socks to one of the representatives attending the RA or contact Anita Kuehner for pick up.

Let's knock the socks off of the MNEA with our generosity!

Consumer Driven Health Plan

Members who are are part of the consumer driven health plan will be getting $1000.00 in their health savings account. The district and members pay into the Public School Retirement System (PSRS) on this money, so the retirement deduction will be larger than normal. As a result, you will see a lower paycheck on October 10th. This is normal and happens every year.
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School Spotlight- Barnwell Middle School!

Barnwell Middle School has been having a great first quarter! On September 10th, ten Boeing employees came and made a special presentation to 6th grade students. They are busy building relationships and community through the "Secret Scholar" program. NJHS students created this program and they have selected a teacher to honor in secret all year. The program will end with a breakfast where the students will reveal themselves to their teachers. The Barnwell community has also been fundraising for a new school sign. Fundraising events include a STUCO car wash and a bicycle raffle. October 1st was family fun night and a great time was had by all! It was a time for students, staff, and families to come together and celebrate. The attendance at the fun night was a five year high! Activities included a cake walk, scooter relay races, face painting, picture gallery, sponge toss, and food. Way to go raising over $1000.00 for the PTO! Congratulations to the Barnwell community for all you are doing to make your school great!

Shout Outs!

  • Thank you building representatives for all of the work you do!
  • Congratulations to Michele Dunaway! She has earned the Master Journalism Educator designation for the third time!
  • Shout out to Katie Collier for being awesome!
  • Thank you to everyone who spent time working for Prop Y this summer!
  • There has been great feedback from the leadership luncheons!
  • Thank you Tracy Horn for starting our new twitter account! (@fheafhsd)
  • A big shout out to #hashtags and the executive committee learning to use them! #FHEAlove
  • Shout out to Bev Lofton for letting students throw sponges at her during the Barnwell fun night!

We would love to include your shout out in future issues of The Advocate. Please send any celebrations and shout outs to your building rep.