VCR Lesson 7

Raivyn McNeal-Tidwell

The man was ******** dead after the ship sank and he could not be found.

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  1. Arrogance; excessive self-assurance; unbecoming boldness.
  2. Grounds for belief; assumption or supposition.

Alternate Forms

v. presume

n. presumptuousness

adj. presumptive

adj. presumptuous



To assume is to believe something without any proof


To presume means to be sure of something before it happened. To presume is to suppose something without proof like to assume but it is based on probability.


First Definition

  1. assurance
  2. pretension
  3. self-absorption
  4. narcissism

Second Definition

  1. likelihood
  2. hunch


First Definition
  1. Care (about others)
  2. fear
  3. cowardliness

Second Definition

  1. fact
  2. unlikelihood
  3. disbelief

Choose the sentence where presume is used incorrectly.

  1. The knife that was found beside the body was presumed as the murder weapon.
  2. In the American legal system it is presumed that one is innocent till proven guilty.
  3. The teacher was mad at Nancy for being late to class again, so I think we can presume that she will be on time tomorrow.
  4. I know that Claudia did not feel well yesterday, so I presume she is absent because she is sick.

3 is incorrect because the better word would be assume because they do not have any proof that Nancy will not be late again tomorrow.