#UDLchat June 3, 2015

#DigitalLearning & #UDL Part 1

Welcome to #UDLchat!

For the month of June, we'll be thinking about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and digital learning. Whether your digital learning environment is fully online, blended, or you simply use digital tools in your face-to-face learning environment, let's dive in and wrestle with how UDL implementation is the same or different when we think about digital learning. UDL and Twitter chat newbies and veterans welcome!

Question Preview

  • Q1: Can online learners become expert learners? How is it the same or different in face-to-face?
  • Q2: What is the role of affect in #DigitalLearning?
  • Q3: How can teachers smile for digital learners?
  • Q4: We’ll be continuing our #DigitalLearning & #UDL conversation next time. What are some questions you have?