Feb 25 to March 1, 2013

What's Happening this Week

The Grade 2's will be performing at the assembly on Wednesday, March 15. We will be busy preparing a song and doing a Comic Life project all about the virtue of "Integrity".

We will be going on a Field Trip to the Museum on Thursday, February 28. We will be to touring the museum so we can compare Macau in the past and the present and to learn more about our community. We will be leaving the school at 9:30. If you have volunteered to lead a group, please join us in the classroom at 9:10. If you have not already returned the field trip form, please do so as soon as possible.

Friday, March 1 will be PINK DAY. Pink Day is an anti-bullying day, and students will have presentations put on by the high school about this topic. All students are to bring chocolates or $10 mop to dress down that day and everyone is asked to wear pink. This goes to TISPA for their annual Easter raffle. If you don’t want to participate that day, you can wear your regular uniform.

Science - This week, we will be finishing up our unit on Magnets. Students are to have their magnet projects in this Monday and will be explaining it to the class. Students will also be making their own magnet project in class later this week.

Math - we are learning all about graphing which includes how to think of a survey question, collecting information, making a tally chart and creating a graph. Students also have to interpret how to read a graph by answering problem solving questions about it: Which is the least? How many more? How many in all?

Social - We will be finishing up our unit on Macao within the next few weeks and starting a new unit learning all about Iqaluit. I can't wait!

Have a great week.