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Best Cheap Website Hosting

SiteGround Web Hosting Is The Best

Finding the right host can be a challenge, but in order to have an effect web presence for your business it is critical that you find a host that is suits your needs. Websites can only be effective if they have reliable hosting.

If you are looking for a new host you may be considering SiteGround, and hopefully you’ll get some helpful information here. I’ve been using SiteGround for a while now and have been very impressed with the quality of hosting that they offer, as well as with their customer service. I’ve used about 10 different hosting companies over the years and recently I have moved several websites over to SiteGround after giving their hosting a try.

What Does SiteGround Offer?

SiteGround offers just about any type of hosting you could need. They offer low-cost shared hosting starting at less than $4 per month. They also offer semi-dedicated, cloud VPS, and dedicated servers.

Their shared hosting plans are comparable to other good companies like HostGator and Bluehost, but from my experience I have found sites to load a little faster on SiteGround’s shared servers, especially if you are using WordPress (more on that later).

Also, I personally prefer SiteGround’s admin dashboard for managing your account. I find it to be a little more user-friendly and better designed than some others.

One of the nice things about hosting your sites with SiteGround is that with all the different types of hosting that they offer you will have plenty of room to grow.

You won’t need to move your site to a new host just because a cheap shared hosting account is no longer sufficient. You can easily upgrade to one of their other plans as your needs increase without being forced to move to a new host.

Customer Service

Whenever I am looking for a host the first thing I absolutely must have is 24/7 support. Most decent-sized hosting companies will offer this, and SiteGround is no exception. In fact, they offer support via chat, email (through a support ticket), and phone.

Most hosts, but not all, will offer phone support. Personally, I rarely use the phone when I need support but it is still an option that I like to have. With SiteGround I have never used the phone support, but I have had very good experience with their support ticket system and with the online chat.

Chat is usually my go-to option and some hosting companies offer very poor support via chat. With SiteGround I have used the chat support a few times and received an answer to my question or had the issue resolved very quickly.


I have found SiteGround’s shared hosting to be very reliable. I have never had to contact support due to my sites being down or loading slowly. This is obviously a priority when you are looking for a host.

While I have been happy with some other shared hosting providers in the past, I haven’t had sites that load as fast or perform as reliably with other hosts. Customer support is important, but with SiteGround you probably won’t need support as often as you would with a lower quality host simply because their servers are reliable.

WordPress Hosting

If you are using WordPress to power your site you really need to look at what SiteGround has to offer. You can get many of the benefits of pricy managed WordPress hosting at a fraction of the price.

I won’t go into all the details here, but you can see the page I’ve set up for managed WordPress hosting from SiteGround for details. Hosts like WPEngine offer a lot of benefits to WordPress users, but the prices are too high for most customers. SiteGround is an excellent alternative at a fraction of the price. In addition, WPEngine does not offer 24/7 support like SiteGround does.


I’ve been very happy with SiteGround’s hosting services. Initially I was hesitant to give them a shot because I’ve used so many different hosts and it’s easier just to stick to the ones you typically use. I did eventually decide to try one site one their servers, and now I have 4 sites on the SiteGround account, and I’ll probably be moving some others over shortly.

If you’re looking for a low-cost host I would definitely recommend SiteGround. While there are some other good options out there, I feel that I get the most for my money with SiteGround. The cost of the hosting is low, but I’ve found the reliability and customer service to exceed my expectations.

How do we check uptime / response time?

We buy an account from every web hosting provider to be tested and place a mini site on each account. Next, we begin testing the uptime and average response time of these mini sites with the help of the Pingdom™ monitoring service. Please note, most of our competitors check the uptime of the web hosting provider's site instead of buying an account and creating a new site. This information does not reflect the real situation of the hosting's reliability.

How we test and evaluate web hosting services?

While a website's reliability is one of the most important factors, it is extremely difficult to assess it yourself before you pay to open an account. Luckily there are unbiased online services on the web that can measure the reliability of any website with little effort. We use Pingdom™ to find out the average uptime percentage of any given website hosting service.

Sustained and stable functioning is an excellent quality, but you also want your website to open fast. We measure the speed characteristics of web hosting services using Pingdom™'s Average Response Time parameter. All other things being equal, this value is gives a clear indication of how fast a particular website hosting provider is.

Ease to Use
Many people underestimate the importance of usability, giving preference to a lower price or higher bandwidth. But wasting precious time daily on struggling through unintuitive menus may eventually result in much more serious losses. We create an account with every website hosting provider and perform a full range of common tasks in order to determine which web hosts offer the easiest solutions.

While bandwidth and the amount of disk space appear to be the key factors in comparing features, other capabilities a web host offers also shouldn't be disregarded. Realizing that each business has its own set of requirements for functions and services, our specialists simply list the features provided by a web hosting company and leave the choice up to you.

Instead of a direct price comparison, we perform a more in-depth analysis including payment options, refund and money-back possibilities, billing terms, and other pricing details. Since prices may vary greatly, it is also important to calculate cost-effectiveness: what you get for your money.

Customer Support
Even if your web host works like a charm, you will still probably need technical support sooner or later. Lightning-fast support, live chat, and an online ticket system are standard for many companies, but which hosts really provide the support they promise? We test response time and the quality of answers to the requests we submit to web host. We also check if they provide help materials and reference information.