Meagan's Bio

umm.... about me...

My name is Meagan.... I was born in Katy and I moved here to Huntsville in 8th grade. So I've been here about some years.... maybe 5 years... I guess.

I live with my Dad and my dog Niko and two cats Gunther and Lovely... My older sister who is about to be 20 on Halloween moved out a few years ago and now we are at the relationship that we actually love each other and not fighting.

My favorite hobbies I guess is listening to music and going to concerts like for my birthday I got tickets to Warped Tour. It was fun. I went with 4 of my friends.... Another hobby is drawing. I like to doodle.... sometimes. I love to hang out with friends a lot. I'm pretty much at my friend's Ashley's house all the time. Her mom adopted me pretty much.

My favorite animal is hard to say because I talk about so many so here is a list.

1. Octopus

2. Giraffe

3. Penguin

4. seals

My favorite memory.... its hard to say because I have a lot of really great memories so yeah....... One of my best friend Alex taught me how to skateboard and it was so much fun because we now just go to places like Target and always go straight to the isle where the skateboards are, so we would just skate around until someone told us to leave.... so pretty much every weekend..

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