Ms. Kramr's 3rd Grade Newsletter

January 11-15

What we are learning this week.

Math- We will continue to work on our geometry language and concepts. This week we’ll be working with quadrilaterals and finding the area of regular and irregular shapes. A test review will be coming home towards the end of the week to prepare everyone for our DCA on Tuesday, Jan. 19th.

Reading- Students will explore folktales, fables, legends, and myths. We will talk about “theme” in these different contexts. Students will apply story elements into analyzing folktales.

Science- Students will explore with different animals and environmental changes. Students will use their academic vocabulary to express how an environmental change has affected an environment. Ask your child what thrive, perish, and environmental change are.

Social Studies- Students researched a person that has begun or changed a community. This week we will share out all the research with each other. Ask your child what person he/she researched and how it changed a community.

Writing- Students are working on a fiction story. Last week we developed the main character and this week we will focus on setting and sequencing the events of the story. Ask your child to tell you his/her story.

Important Dates:

Jan. 14- Report Cards go home

Jan. 18- MLK Holiday/No School

Jan. 21- Awards assembly @ 9:15

Jan. 22- 3-5 Assembly

Feb. 3- Early Release

Science Fair Link

If you’re interested in participating in this year’s science fair, please visit the following link for info and rubrics.

Labels for Education

Patsy Sommer will participate in the Campbell’s Labels for Education™ program. This program is a great way to earn FREE equipment or supplies for our school. Just save the UPC code(s) from the label(s)and send them to your child’s class.

You can visit for a complete list of eligible

products and point values.

Thank you for supporting your school!