Martin / Gentry Newsletter

March 28 - April 1

What's Going On?

  • March 29: Field Trip Money and Permission Form Due ($30)
  • March 30: End of the 3rd Quarter
  • April 1: Incentive Trip to Dave and Buster's
  • April 5: STEM Showcase Night
  • April 11: Reading FSA Session 1
  • April 12: Reading FSA Session 2
  • April 13: Math FSA Session 1
  • April 14: Math FSA Session 2
  • April 26: FCAT Science Session 1
  • April 27: FCAT Science Session 2
  • May 25 - 27: Space Camp

Watch This! You Won't Believe It!!!

Devin has mastered the Rubik's Cube!! Check out the video below!!


If your child is absent or checked out, it is his or her responsibility to collect makeup work / notes when they return. All assignments and links are provided on the newsletter each week. :)

Rockets In The TIMS Lab

We are looking for strong volunteers to help us launch! The following dates / times are open! Email Mrs. Gentry if you would like to fill one of these slots! :)

Gentry's Homeroom

  • March 28 - 12:05 - 12:45
  • April 4 - 12:05 - 12:45

Martin's Homeroom

  • March 28 - 8:45 - 9:25

The kids videoed themselves launching this week! Check out our videos at the bottom of the newsletter!! A HUGE thank you to Mr. Dillenkoffer and Mr. Isaacs for helping us launch this week! :)

Dave and Buster's Incentive Field Trip

Permission forms went home with your child on March 15. Forms and money are due on March 29. The cost of this incentive trip is $30 which includes a $10 game card and a buffet lunch. Lunch options will include macaroni and cheese, french fries, cookies, pizza bites, chicken bites, and hamburgers.

If your child has game cards / tickets from a previous visit to Dave and Buster's, they may bring these with them to use as well! You may also send additional money with your child for extra games if you would like.


  • 16.1 (Ordered Pairs)
  • 16.2 (Patterns and Graphing)


  • 16.3 (More Patterns and Graphing)
  • 16.4 (Graphing Number Patterns)
  • Fun graphing project in class if time permits.


  • 16.5 (Work Backward)
  • Review for Topic 16 Test
  • FSA Practice Test in the Computer Lab (**You can access these practice tests online at the link provided below. Click "Sign In". On the next page, select the grade level and then click "Yes". This will bring you to the screen where you will choose the practice test you would like to complete.**)


  • Topic 16 Test
  • Fun graphing project in class


  • Dave and Buster's Field Trip
FSA Practice Test **Click Here**

Click "Sign In". On the next page, select the grade level and then click "Yes". This will bring you to the screen where you will choose the practice test you would like to complete.

Prodigy Math Games **Click Here**

Look in your planner for login information.

Math Website (Pearson Realize) **Click Here**

Look in your planner for login information.


  • Record Unit 2 Vocabulary and make flashcards. (solar system, planet, dwarf planet, asteroid, comets, astronomy, star, universe, galaxy)

  • Begin reading Unit 2 Lesson 1 (What Objects are Part of the Solar System?)

  • Finish reading Unit 2 Lesson 1 (Homework = pages 76 - 80)

  • Complete Unit 2 Lesson 2 Digital Experiment in class. (How Do We Observe Objects in the Solar System?)


  • Dave and Buster's Field Trip
Science Website (ThinkCentral) **Click Here**

Look in your planner for login information.

ELA / Reading

Spelling Words-distance, importance, balance, attendance, absence, performance, dependence, substance, disturbance, appearance, assistance, ignorance, brilliance, ambulance, residence, radiance, resistance, reluctance, persistence, hesitance

Grammar: Pronouns and Antecedents

Wonders Reading Unit 4 Week 5

Skills and strategies for Unit 4 Week 5 can be located in the Reading/Writing Workshop (pp.290-301), Literature Anthology book (pp. 340-345), and the Your Turn Practice Book (pp.191-198) These resources can be accessed on the Connected website. (**See Below)

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize

Genre: Lyric and Free Verse

Literary Elements: Stanza and Meter

*Due to our trip to Dave and Busters, our test schedule is a little off this week. Please note the following:

Spelling Test-Thursday

Vocabulary Quiz-Thursday

Grammar Quiz-Thursday

Unit 4 Week 5 Cold Read-Monday (Apr. 4)

ELA / Social Studies Website (Connected) **Click Here**

Look in your planner for login information.

Social Studies

Begin Unit 5, "The American Revolution."

Big Idea: Conflict Causes Change

Unit 5 Lesson 1 "The Road to Revolution"

Oden's Launch
Raquel's Launch
Trace and Tyler's Launch
Thomas and Jackson's Launch
Kael's Launch
Brandon, Bridget, and Deserae's Launch
JK's Launch
Connor and Rohan's Launch
Karsyn and Kara's Launch
Jossy's Launch
Josh's Launch
Lexi's Launch
Kalli and Kutler's Launch
Brianna and Olivia's Launch
Evan and Amelia's Launch
Oswaldo's Launch
Maddie and Sydnee's Launch
Grace and Amanda's Launch
McKenzie and Megan's Launch
Social Studies - Christen, Thomas, and Lyneah
Social Studies - Bryan, Anthony, and Jossy
Social Studies - Rohan, Jackson, and Deserae
Social Studies - Brandon, Trace, and Layten
Social Studies - Sophia, Gracie, and Raquel
Social Studies - Tyler, Kara, Bridget, and Kael
Social Studies - Noah, Karsyn, and JK
Social Studies - Lexi, Josh, Olivia, and Grace
Social Studies - Nyomi, Kutler, and Evan
Social Studies - Amelia, Sarah, and Oswaldo
Social Studies - Devin, Miles, and Dylan
Social Studies - Kalli, Maddie, and Ty
Social Studies - Sydnee, Amanda, and McKenzie