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Newsletter November

Getting on top of your legal game

Until which extent is AIESEC liable for their EP's when they go abroad? Is an account manager allowed to sign contracts on behalf of Make a Move while she is not subscribed in the KvK? Is ICX allowed to have trainees do an internship after the trainee has graduated?

These are all sorts of legal questions you might not have a clear answer to. That's exactly the reason of this newsletter: to get you on top of your legal game. Below you can find sections per team of the most urgent/important legal matters within our organization.



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Incoming Exchange

ICX is primarily struggling with labour and rental issues. Can a graduated student still do an internship legally in the Netherlands? And if so until which extent? And what legal rights does AIESEC and the trainee compliant with the law?

For specific information about labour and rental issues you can click on this link. Here you can also find improved standard contracts relevant for ICX.

Outgoing Exchange

Make a Move

National Programmes