Weekly STEM Announcements

EHS STEM Academy Weekly Newsletter 10/1/21

Over 70 students attended our first STEM Lecture.

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STEM Workshop on Hydroponics

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STEM Lecture - Tues, Oct 12 - Patterns in Biogeography

There are a remarkable number of similarities between species in the eastern United
States and East Asia. Closely related species are found in a broad array of life forms,
including reptiles and amphibians, crustaceans, mammals, insects, and many plants. This
talk by Peter Lynch is an exploration of the circumstances that could have resulted in these
remarkable similarities. Students will have the opportunity, in advance, to observe and draw a variety of similar species from the two regions from images provided. We will explore theories that might explain this pattern in a slide show illustrating global patterns.

The Science Olympiad team is looking for new members

Science Olympiad is a team competition where there are multiple categories including anatomy, chemistry, astronomy, coding, and biology, ranging from answering questions to building projects. In most categories, two or more people are needed and in some categories, open notes are allowed. The competition takes place at UVM sometime during March and we are hoping to expand the team to anyone who’s interested! We usually meet once a month in D-104. If you enjoy science and have a competitive spirit, this is the club for you:) Contact us at fmuhammad@vt.ewsd.org or imattos-canedo@vt.ewsd.org and fill out the Google Form below for more information.

Link to Google Form

Enter the t-shirt launcher design contest

Design a device that can be used to launch T-shirts into the stands at Homecoming (on 10/22), and also at other EHS sporting events. Alone, or in a team of up to 3, submit your launcher design to Mr. Stapleton (in person, or by email: jstapleton@ewsd.org). The submission due date is Thursday, October 7th. For more details, review this document.

Senior STEM withdrawal deadline is Oct 1

If you are a senior in the STEM Academy who is no longer interested in obtaining the endorsement, you need to withdraw from the Academy by Oct 1. Seniors who withdraw after that date will have this noted on their transcripts.

CubeSat Project at UVM

Dr. Hamid Ossareh is running a Vermont-wide student-led effort to build CubeSats. He is looking for students who are interested in joining these efforts. See their Twitter page for more information: https://twitter.com/VTCubeSat If you'd like to know more about CubeSats, you can check out this link.

If you are interested in being a part of this, please let Mrs. Smith know.