Hoover Staff Newsletter

September 14, 2014

Important Dates

Week Ahead:

9-15 - Staff Meeting

9-17- LST Gr 2 and 5

9-19 - PBIS Parade 1:00

Conscious Discipline 2:30

Looking Ahead:

9-22 - Chip Shoppe 2:15

9-23 - LST Grade 1

9-26 - Buddy Activity 11:00

Early Dismissal 11:20


Remember to check the Hoover Staff Calendar. Please let Mrs. Swanson and I know special events that are happening in your classroom or events that need to be added to the calendar.

IEP and parent meetings need to be placed on the office calendar. Please provide Mrs. Swanson with type of meeting, time, and location.

Conscious Discipline

Training Schedule

9-19 - Encouragement and Assertiveness -

Chapters - SF = 4, 7, 10, 11, and 12 CD= 3 and 3

10-17 - Choices and Positive Intent

Chapters - SF = 6 and 14 CD = 4 and 5

11-14 - Empathy and Consequences

Chapters - SF = 13 and 15 CD = 6 and 7

12-23 - The School Family

1-9 - Composure/Perception/Safe Place &


2-14 - Assertiveness/Attention/Time Machine &

Choices/Free Will/Picture Rule Cards

3-13 - Positive Intent/Love/Celebration &

Empathy/Acceptance/We Care Center

4-2 - Consequences/Intention/Class Meetings

5-8 - TBA

Four Brain Smart Principles

1. The best exercise for the brain is exercise.

2. The brain is pattern seeking and survival-oriented.

3. Connections on the outside with others foster neural connections on the inside.

4. The brain functions optimally when it feels safe.

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I Love You Rituals

I love you rituals are for everyone! Watch Dr. Becky Bailey talk about I Love You Rituals with older students.


"Emotions, not cognitive stimulation, serve as the mind's primary architect for constructing the highest capacities: intelligence, morality, and sense of self." ~ Greenspan, 1997

Lunch Tickets

You can find more lunch tickets in the workroom under the mailboxes. Please replenish your supply.
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District Assessments

What and When


**Sept 8 to Oct 3 - Grades 3-5

**Sept 15 to Oct 10 - Grades 1and 2


**Sept 15 to Oct 10 - Grades 1 and 2


**Sept 15 to Oct 3 - Grades 1-5

The complete District Assessment schedule is posted on Hoover Staff Schoology page.

Educator Effectiveness


September Responsibilities:

**Review student/program level data to identify ares of need for SLO.

**Identify targeted student/program populations and evidence sources.

**Administer appropriate baseline measure of students knowledge of program starting point and set growth targets for SLO.

October Responsibilities:

**Oct 15 Complete Professional Practice Goal Setting Plan

**Oct 15 Prepare and collaboratively discuss SLO

**Oct 15 Survey students/clients and complete growth plan

I will add the timeline to Schoology.

Log in to MLP to check for updates from HR and I've heard the teacher view may look a little different.

I came across the link below while researching SLOs and thought you might find it interesting.