Foundations for Life Long Learning - 16 AUGUST 2018

Dear Parents and Staff

Yesterday morning the Year 4-6 children attended Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption when we remember Mary being taken, both body and soul, to Heaven. The Gospel reading recounted how, when Mary heard that her cousin Elizabeth was pregnant, she went immediately to visit her even though she was already pregnant herself and it would have been quite a long and tiring journey. It is at this meeting of Mary and Elizabeth that we first hear of the “Hail Mary” prayer that we all know so well. Upon seeing Mary, Elizabeth met her with the greeting:

Hail Mary, full of grace,

the Lord is with you.

Blessed are you among women

and blessed is the fruit of your womb,


Today when we pray the “Hail Mary” we add the following petition to our Mother in Heaven:

Pray for us, sinners, now,

and at the hour of our death.


It never ceases to amaze me that such a simple prayer that we tend to recite so quickly carries such significance. I was once privileged to join the Missionaries of Charity Sisters in Kolkata, India to pray the Rosary. The reverence with which the Sisters prayer each and every “Hail Mary” opened my eyes to the power of such a seemingly simple prayer. Each Tuesday morning at 8.00am a number of staff accompanied by a small, but dedicated, group of students recite a decade of the Rosary in the Mother Mary Piazza. We are always open for others to join us as there are few better ways to start the day.


Congratulations to our School Choir members who sang beautifully at the Performing Arts Festival at the Vasto Club in Balcatta yesterday. Mr Loiacono chose two challenging items for the children to sing which allowed them to showcase their considerable talents. Thank you to Mr Loiacono, Mrs Evans and Mrs Notte for all of their efforts in preparing the children for their performance and to the many parents and family members who attended.


Mrs Mary Tampalini has been on secondment to Infant Jesus school in Morley for the past year and was due to return to Notre Dame in 2019, however, Mrs T’s considerable talents have been recognised by the staff at Infant Jesus and she has been asked to continue working there permanently. On behalf of all members of our community I thank Mrs Tampalini for all of the great work that she has done at Notre Dame, most notably at the time of the amalgamation of Holy Name and Notre Dame schools and I wish her happiness and success in her future endeavours.


I’m still determining just what costume to wear for our Book Week parade next Monday morning. I’m sure it won’t be nearly as good as the many wonderful ideas that the children and their parents come up with, but I’ll try. Mrs Sarmarden and her highly dedicated band of Library Monitors have a week full of exciting activities planned to raise the profile of reading in our school. I hope to see everyone in the Library during the week.


Parents may have noticed the City of Belmont Ranger who has been outside our school over the past week or so. He has informed us that he is responding to complaints about the parking around our school and that he will be issuing infringement notices. Please ensure that you park legally around the school for the safety of the children and to avoid a $60 fine.

It has also been brought to my attention that parents have been double parking on Daly St to drop off and pick up children. This is a particularly dangerous practice and, for the safety of all, needs to stop. Our drive through pick up zone in the Parish car park is very efficient and, as it is supervised by two staff members, is a far safer option. Please ensure that you only enter the car park from the Gilroy St entrance and do not park in the area near the school sheds as this hinders the flow of traffic through the pick up zone.

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Book Week Parade



Book Week


Book Week

Yr 1 Excursion Brownes' Dairy


Book Week

Parent/Child Workshop Confirmation @ 6.00pm



PP: Funky Fitness

Performing Arts Dance @ Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre @ 7.00pm



Commitment Mass for Confirmation @ 6.00pm


Commitment Mass for Confirmation @ 10.00am


Parent/Child Workshop Confirmation @ 6.00pm


Reconciliation for Confirmation Candidates


Confirmation Mass @ 6.00pm


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Last chance to purchase San Lorenzo Ruiz Choir concert for Saturday 19 August.

Tickets available at the school front office.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Fr Michael Quynh Do

Parish Priest


If your child turns 3 between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 and you would like them to attend 3 Year Old Kindy in 2019 at Notre Dame Catholic Primary School, please contact the front office on 6272 7100 between 8.00am and 3.30pm.


The terrific Year Twos have been super busy this term with lots of extra exciting activities!

We are enjoying Edu-Dance each week, where we are learning to bust a move to some catchy tunes. Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming concert at the end of term!

We participated in the Seda Clinic, where we were able to brush up on our footy skills and have fun in the sun!

Constable Care came and visited our school early in the term too! We learnt all about how to be and keep safe in our community. It was a fantastic show and we had lots of fun!

On the 8th of August we celebrated the feast day of Saint Mary MacKillop, as part of our learning about Australia’s first Saint. We read stories about her life, watched videos and sang songs. We then brainstormed her life and added the important events to a timeline before writing a biography on her and completing an artwork. We would love you to come in and have a look at our work.

We have had a busy term learning and exploring in Mathematics. We started by learning all about measuring length, looking at informal units and metres.

In Year 2M we measured how far we could throw different items, used a tally to record these and then graphed the measurements.

In Year 2P we have been creating maps with Kate’s dad, Mr South. We are using informal and formal units of measure on our maps to lead people to our favourite place in the school. Both classes have also been exploring number patterns and how addition and subtraction can be used to solve problems. We are super clever and can even place three digit numbers on a blank number line.

The Year Twos have enjoyed inquiring about technology changes over time. We wrote inquiry questions to ask our grandparents and parents about how technology has changed from when they were children. We have used their answers to compare and contrast the past from the present and have been researching the changes of our favourite technology.

In Year 2M we have been learning all about how things work with our tinkering table in class, which is lots of fun! We have been given lots of interesting objects such as printers, a T.V. and mobile phones to deconstruct and put back together again. We have also expressed our creativity recently by designing our very own toys, such as this life size robot!

This term we are also learning about culture and all of the interesting countries which our families originated from. We will be completing different artwork and written pieces of work around this area so come on in and see our beautiful work later in the term!

Mrs Lalli, Mrs McLure and Mrs Donovan-Flintoff

NAPLAN ONLINE - School Readiness Test

You may have heard that NAPLAN Online was introduced in 2018, with 274 Western Australian schools participating. Our school will be transitioning to NAPLAN Online in 2019.

NAPLAN online will provide better assessment, more precise results and faster turnaround of information. Your child’s results will be returned to the school faster, within a few weeks rather than a few months.

This trial, called the School Readiness Test (SRT), will enable us to assess our technical readiness to implement the new online assessments. In addition it will gives us a chance to try out the new national online assessment platform in a real-life classroom environment.

During August, all students in Years 3 and 5 will participate in a trial of the assessment platform, by undertaking one online readiness test that includes examples of the new NAPLAN online questions. This test will take about 45 minutes to complete.

Participating in this trial is important as it will help us ensure we have adequate internet connectivity, and whether students have access to sufficient number of devices for NAPLAN Online testing. During the trial, our teachers will have the opportunity to practise managing the classroom logistics for an online assessment and the new test administration processes.

The readiness test has not been constructed to assess curriculum knowledge, but rather to provide students with an opportunity to experience the types of questions that will be included in the new online assessments. As such, reports will not be provided.

Participation in the SRT is a key step to ensuring a successful NAPLAN online experience in 2019.

Daniele Boyle

Assistant Principal


Coles has launched a promotion featuring miniature versions of popular products like Nutella, Vegemite, Weet-Bix and Tim Tams. If you are a regular Coles shopper and are not collecting the ‘little shop’ products, we would love for you to donate them to the school as they can be used to enhance our numeracy and literacy programs. Please drop unwanted collectables to administration.

Thank you.

Miss Cutri


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Next week's roster

Monday 20 August: Mei Lie

Wednesday 22 August: Karon Russell

Friday 24 August: NO VOLUNTEER


Warm milo $0.50

Mini hash browns $0.50 ea (max 2 per order)

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen coordinator


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Monday 1.30pm-3.30pm

Thursday 1.30pm-3.30pm

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator


Every Thursday from 8.00am-8.30am in the Library.


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9 Talus Drive, Mt Richon WA 6112

Phone: 9399 2349/Fax 9399 5315

Mob: 0400 234 910

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Additional Support with Reading, Writing and Spelling

Some children need more help learning to read and write than others, even with the best teaching methods at school. The DSF Literacy Clinic in East Vic Park provides expert tuition for those students needing extra assistance to develop strong literacy skills. Experienced teachers at the DSF Literacy Clinics provide students with enjoyable, high-quality tutoring and support. Children of all ages are welcome to attend, regardless of the reason they are struggling. This includes those students who are falling behind in years one and two (as early intervention is important in reducing the impact of literacy difficulties). Sessions are provided at a reduced rate because they are offered in small groups of up to four students, although one-on-one tuition is also available. Parents interested in further information can inquire in person or contact the DSF Literacy Clinic at The Park Shopping Centre in East Victoria Park on 9470 4140 or You can also learn more about DSF (The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation) by

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