Zoo Suits Riots


Zoo Suit Riots

1. California received a population boom where Mexican refugees came to escape war.

2. The zoot suit riots were fights among zoot suiters and sailors in Los Angeles.

3. Very common to see naked or beaten up Mexican on the side of the roads

4. They would usually blame the Mexican to start everything. Usually saying they attacked first or they were harassing some women nearby

5. On Jun 8th sailors were not allowed in the city

Taken place

Los Angeles, California

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The Zoot Suits Riots were fights between the Zoot suiters and the marines and the Sailors. Sailors would beat up any Mexican that would be wearing a zoot suit. A zoot suit was a type of fashion where you had baggy pants with a belt, a big jacket and a long key chain hanging.

On June 3 1943 11 sailors said that they got beaten up by some Mexicans wearing zoot suits, and also while they were attacking they supposedly were praising Hitler. So much trouble was happening in Los Angeles that Los Angeles said that sailors were not allowed in the city no more.


The first lady, Dwight Eisenhower wife, said that the attacks and everything were due to racism but some people say it wasn't. Los Angeles made a law where you can not wear a zoot suit if so punishment is 30 days in jail.

American president Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Mexican president Manuel Abila Camacho in Monterey to discuss Mexico as part of the allies in world war 2 and the bracero program.