FPHS Parent and Student Memo

March 1, 2021

FPS District Equity Statement

We are committed to supporting students, families, and staff by dismantling racism and other systems of oppression and inequity by empowering each individual to be successful by valuing race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, culture, and environment.


  1. Equity and Social Justice
  2. Improved Instruction
  3. Family and Community Engagement

If you want to learn more about our commitment to EQUITY and ANTI-RACISM, feel free to contact any of our FPHS Equity Team members: Hartley, Marzano, Wright, Laban, Hackney, Apelu, Brist, Call, Chapman, Detweiler, Fineman, Goodrum, Inman, Kaunda, B. Lee, Martin, Plaskett, Quill, Roscoe, Scroger, Shoopman, Washam, and C. Lee.

Dear Parents and Students,

  • We are very excited to finally be able to announce our return to in-person learning date of March 22! Please, read below to make sure you're informed about what it will look like and what you need to know to help us make our return to in-person learning successful.

  • All families received an email to complete a survey to decide whether or not your child will return to in-person learning or remain fully remote. Parents, if you haven't completed the survey yet, check your emails or use these links to complete your survey asap: ENGLISH or SPANISH. THIS IS FOR PARENTS ONLY! DUPLICATE ENTRIES WILL COMPLICATE COHORT BALANCING. We need that survey info back asap so that we can create evenly balanced cohorts to maintain social distancing.

  • REPORT CARDS! As a reminder, if you received an "I" (Incomplete) on your report card, the deadline to complete that missing work is March 8. After March 8, the "I" will become an "NC" (No Credit), and you will have to repeat the course.

  • Spring Conferences are coming! Beginning Monday, advisors will help coordinate conference dates and times with students. Conferences will run between 12:00pm and 7:00pm on Wednesday, March 17th and Thursday, March 18th. Have conversations with your students over the weekend about what day and time works best for your family. Conferences will be offered via Zoom or in person at Franklin Pierce High School. Freshmen, especially, are encouraged to attend in-person so that you can walk the campus and get familiar with where your classes are located. See you then!

  • Make sure you're following us on Social Media: FPHS Facebook page; FPHS Twitter page; FPHS Instagram page.

Please, make sure you have all the info below. We miss you and wish you all the very best. Stay safe and be well!

Return to In-Person Learning: Frequently Asked Questions ...

  • When do we start? March 22nd!
  • What will it look like? To maintain social distancing, we can only have half the students on campus at a time. Cohort A will attend in-person classes on Monday (periods 1, 2, 3) and Thursday (periods 4, 5, 6). Cohort B will attend in-person classes on Tuesday (periods 1, 2, 3) and Friday (periods 4, 5, 6). Wednesdays will remain asynchronous (independent work time).
  • What's the schedule? See the schedule below.
  • What do I do on my non in-person days? You will Zoom into your class like you're doing now. The difference will be that while you're half of the class is Zooming in, the other half of the class will be in-person on campus receiving the same instruction.
  • Will I have the same teachers? Yes.
  • Can I choose to remain fully remote? Yes. You would just continue to Zoom into classes like you are now while your classmates are receiving the same instruction in-person. You would have the same classes and the same teachers.
  • Will breakfasts be served on campus? No, to help maintain social distancing, breakfasts will not be served or eaten on campus. Free breakfast grab bags will be made available for all students to take home. Breakfasts should be eaten at home before coming to school. Breakfast should not be eaten on the bus.
  • Will lunch be served on campus? Yes, we will have 3 lunches in order to help maintain social distancing. See the schedule below. Lunch is free for all students. Lunches will be in prepackaged grab bags (not buffet/cafeteria style). Students must remain seated in the cafeteria or commons while eating. All seats are positioned to maintain social distancing. Of course, masks may be removed while eating but must be worn again as soon as students are finished eating. The courtyard is available for students who want some fresh air and a chance to walk and stretch. Masks must still be worn while outside in the courtyard (except while eating).
  • Are drinking fountains available? No, drinking fountains are not available. All students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and not share water bottles. Water bottle refill stations are available in the commons and gym foyer.
  • What are the Covid safety guidelines? The standard guidelines are 1) All students and staff must wear masks properly throughout the entire day; 2) All students and staff must maintain social distancing; 3) All students and staff must wash/sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day; 4) All students and staff must stay home if you're not feeling well or showing any Covid symptoms. There are many additional safeguards that we'll continue to share (ex: daily cleaning protocols), but those are the 4 major guidelines from the Health Department.
  • What if a student refuses to follow the safety guidelines? If a student repeatedly refuses or fails to follow our Covid safety guidelines, the student will be assigned to fully remote learning.
  • Can I change my cohort? Yes, a PARENT can request a cohort change. However, our first cohort designations will be based on last names alphabetically so that we can create balanced cohorts. We won't be able to create these cohorts until we see how many and which students will be choosing full remote learning in the surveys. We will honor cohort change requests ONLY if we can maintain balanced cohorts. This is critical in order for us to maintain social distancing while in-person.
  • When will I know about my bus route and number? The Transportation Department will have that information ready for families by March 15. You can find your bus route and times using this LINK and the username "guest" and password "guest".
  • Will I have to check in at school on my in-person days? Yes, all students must complete an online health screening (attestation) on your phone or computer before arriving at school. When arriving, all students must report to the courtyard immediately and enter the Commons to show your health screening (green check) and receive a stamp before proceeding directly to your first class of the day.
  • Where can I get more information? For district information on reopening schools, visit HERE . For state guidelines for reopening schools visit HERE. For the most current info regarding Pierce County Covid case numbers, visit HERE.

Hybrid Schedule starting March 22!

(Note: We are in conversation and collaboration with the Pierce County Skills Center regarding schedule changes for FPHS and PCSC. Stay tuned for more info from PCSC next week.)
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Hey, Freshmen!

Our LINK CREW put together a little welcome video and campus tour for you. See you soon!

Also, our Freshman ASB Officers have an announcement about connection night and spirit gear!

Freshmen Tour Video v3
9th grade ASB announcement 2.26.2021


BiWeekly End of Feb

Course REGISTRATION for 2021-22:


  • Registration Window: You may register anytime between Feb 19 and March 1.
  • Feb 19: Registration procedures covered in Cardinal Connections. (See video below.)
  • Feb 22: Students can complete registration in Cardinal Connections.
  • Feb 24: Live Zoom session with Counselors for additional help (link will be posted in Canvas).
  • Feb 26: Ford MS Online course selection.
  • Mar 1: Registration window closes for FPHS students.
  • Mar 3: Live Zoom session for Ford families for extra help.
  • Mar 4: Registration window closes for Ford students.

CTE Classes:
  • Watch the video below to meet CTE teachers and learn about our CTE courses.
  • CTE classes offered: Aerospace Manufacturing, American Sign Language, Biomedical Innovation, Business Management, Culinary Arts, Digital Photography, Early Childhood Education, Eco System Design, Family Health, Financial Literacy, Fitness Specialist, Glass Art, Graphic Design, Human Body Systems, Computer Science, Engineering Design, Medical Interventions, Pottery, Biomedical Science, Robotics, Sports Medicine, Teaching Academy, Technology Exploration, Video Editing, and Yearbook.

Pierce County Skills Center Classes:

  • Juniors and Seniors can attend the PCSC three periods per day and FPHS three periods per day.
  • PCSC General Overview Video below.
  • PCSC Detailed Overview Video HERE.
  • Program Brochure: ENGLISH or SPANISH.

Running Start Classes:

  • Juniors and Seniors can take Running Start through Pierce College, Tacoma CC, or Clover Park Technical College.
  • Make an appointment with your counselor to discuss your Running Start options.
Pathway Selection Part 1
Course catalog
Selection form
Pierce County Skills Center Overview

If you want to take Spanish, but you're not sure which Spanish class to sign up for, please watch the video below.

Spanish Registration for 202 -2022

Here are some reasons why you should consider taking CHOIR at FPHS:

February 25, 2021

Registration/Course Selection Forms:

These are the forms you'll need to register for classes. Please, do NOT register until you have read all the information above, watched all the videos above, and feel confident that you understand the process and what classes to register for. If you're not sure, wait for help from your Advisor this week or attend the Live Zoom with your counselor BEFORE you register.

Next Year’s SENIORS click HERE.

Next Year’s JUNIORS click HERE.

Next Year’s SOPHOMORES click HERE.

March Culture Calendar

Students and Families, take some time this month to learn something new about a culture and share it with others.

March is ...



  • 3/17: ST. PATRICK’S DAY: Learn more HERE.
  • 3/26: PRINCE KUHIO DAY: Learn more HERE.
  • 3/28: PALM SUNDAY AND PASSOVER: Learn more HERE.
  • 3/31: CESAR CHAVEZ DAY: Learn more HERE.

Cardinal Character Trait for MARCH: RESILIENCY!
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Honoring Women's History Month


On April 27, 2021 Junior and Senior students will have the opportunity to take the SAT exam on campus. While we usually offer this test for all Juniors, this year we are asking students to opt-in. Testing will take place during the school day, and Covid safety measures will be followed. Please follow this LINK to sign-up for testing.

If your student is a senior, they may consider taking the SAT if they have not yet met standard for the state test in English or Math. If you are unsure of your students’ graduation status, please contact their counselor.


The 15 Best-Paying Jobs For Women In 2018

Family and Community Engagement

The Franklin Pierce High School Food & Hygiene Pantry is available for all students and their families.

Use this LINK to view our current food & hygiene pantry options. Please mark the items you need and staff will put together a bag or box. We will contact you when your bag is ready for pick up or delivery.

Additional ways to request items: You can request a paper copy of this form by contacting Bonita Lee at blee@fpschools.org or call 253-298-3837 to request items via phone.

Teen Writing and Art Contest: Our Own Expressions! Ends February 28. See below.

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Social Justice, Equity, and Anti-Racist Resources:

  1. In the video below, learn more about the impact of the gender wage gap.

The first step in ALLYSHIP is LISTENING.

The second step is BELIEVING.

The third step is ACTION. Get involved and create the positive change you want to see in the world.

What people miss about the gender wage gap

Assessment Updates:

State Testing

Washington State is currently working with the Biden administration to seek a waiver to "skip" state testing this year. If this does not get approved at the federal level, we will conduct the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) in Math and ELA as well as the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS). If this is the case, state assessments will be administered this Spring. We've also learned that assessments will have fewer questions and prompts than previous non-Covid years. More information to come.

College Board Testing

These exams include PSAT, SAT, and AP exams. In Fall, FPS decided not to offer PSAT or SAT due to Covid restrictions and College Board requirements. Recently, our region has moved to the moderate Covid phase which allows us to bring more students back in a variety of settings. We are reviewing our current safety protocols and testing guidelines to see how we can provide opportunities for students to access these assessments this Spring.

At this time, you can expect that students enrolled in AP courses will be taking the AP exam in Spring. Testing may take place remotely or in person. We are currently in the planning stage and will notify families as soon as our plan is set.

For all College Board exams, preparation materials and resources can be found on their website. https://www.collegeboard.org

Homework Center: Free Tutoring Daily

Our FPHS Homework Center is open 5 days per week. You can receive help and support for any class from Mr. Rhue and Mr. Bofa.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11am to 12pm and 2pm - 4pm.
  • Wednesdays: 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

HW Center LINK.

Assessment Center!

The Assessment Center is fully functional via Teams for any student who needs to make-up or retake an assessment. A link to the assessment center scheduling page is available on all teachers' Canvas pages and HERE. The link will direct students to the Bookings calendar so that they can schedule a time to take the assessment that works best for them. Students can also select the notification option in the scheduler to receive a reminder via email. We strongly suggest that you do this. Once the student schedules their assessment, they should notify their teacher, so the assessment and test codes are sent to Assessment Center staff.

FPHS Sports

Parents and Athletes,

Here are the following guidelines in regard to fan attendance this season.


  • Each suited up athlete will have the ability to invite up to two guests per home game.
  • Each guest fan will be required to complete attestation form upon arrival.
  • No food will be permitted.
  • Masks are required with no exceptions.
  • No visiting or away fans/Home fans only
  • Number of fans per sport:
    • Volleyball – 2 tickets per athlete on roster
    • Soccer – 2 Tickets per athlete on roster
    • Football – 1 ticket per athlete on roster (Due to Covid capacity guidelines and size of football teams we are only permitted to allow one guest per suited up athlete for the sport of football)

Schedules and Competitions

Competitions will be starting next week! If you are looking for sports schedules for your child’s athletic programs please visit FPHSCards.com. This is the new website for Franklin Pierce High school athletics and all schedules will be uploaded and shared to families from there. You can also subscribe to your particular team and get any importuning notifications about changes or cancellations as they occur.

We want to emphasize that this year all of our programs are conducting practices in a closed environment. This means that we will not have any person attending practice outside of the coaches and the registered athlete for that team. We are currently working on guidelines for fan attendance during competitions and will communicate those out as soon as we complete those items.


Practice is beginning on Monday, February 22nd at the Lakewood YMCA! Email Coach Morton with any questions you may have.

Location: Lakewood YMCA, 9715 Lakewood Dr SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 (self-transport is required, there will be no transportation provided by the district)

Schedule: Monday-Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm, Friday TBD will be a dryland day in a virtual or in-person format depending on space/availability


If you would still like to join one of our fall sports programs there is still time! Those sports include (Volleyball, Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Girls Swim, Boys Golf, Girls Golf, and Cheer/Dance). If you wish to participate, then you will need to register in familyID and be certain you have a current physical submitted to the athletic office. You can turn a copy of your physical into the main office at Franklin Pierce HS or you can scan and upload a copy of the physical into familyID during the registration process. Here is the link to registration if you have not yet registered.

Link to athletics registration – Franklin Pierce High School


Here is also a list of our fall sports coaches! Reach out to them to get the most recent information on their program.

Fall Sports Coach Contacts (FPHS)

Football – Trevor Hanson - Thanson@fpschools.org

Cross Country (Boys and Girls) – Jesse McNeil jmcneil@fpschools.org

Golf (Boys) – Colin Horak - Chorak@fpschools.org

Golf (Girls) – Jeff Melvard - jmelvard@fpschools.org

Soccer (Girls) – Kyle Wynkoop - kwynkoop@fpschools.org

Volleyball (Girls) – Tiffany Disney – Tdisney@fpschools.org

Swim (Girls) – Jordan Morton – Jmorton@fpschools.org

New Athletics video below about fans at games and competitions:

2/19/2021 Athletic Update Announcement

Yearbook SENIOR Grad Ads!

Hello Seniors!

The deadline for Senior Grad Ads is 3/12/21. Below are instructions on how to upload them online (do not send photos via email). Please, remember this is for seniors only. Underclassmen who want to submit photos will have the opportunity to do so at a later date. Thanks!


School Resources:

COVID- 19 Resources:

Community Resources:

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CURRENT DAILY/WEEKLY SCHEDULE: (Note: 2pm to 3pm is asynchronous/homework time for students)

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