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The Library 411

Election Resources

If you're thinking about incorporating the presidential election into your lessons, here are a few good resources.

Developing & Discussing Diverse Political Views in the Classroom

PBS provides lots of resources to explain the process as well as interactive maps and even lesson plans - PBS Election Central, PBS election Lesson Plans

Library of Congress - Party System

Our GALE database runs the gamut, but includes articles from Scholastic student readers -

GALE Resources in Context (password: ven_log) Search "U.S. elections" and narrow by source.

Imagination Station - Makerspace

Just a reminder to talk up our Imagination Station with your students. Aside from the creative aspects, it's such a great opportunity for students to connect and make new friends. If you have some students who need a place to fit in, encourage them to come and check it out.

Netbook News

Spring Break Storage and Home Room

Each of the next 2 weeks before break, we'll be using Tech Tuesday to cover what's coming up as follows:

Tues., 3/15 - ID tag checks

Tues., 3/22 - Proper in room storage

End-of-Year NB Collection - 8th Grade

Because the Magic Mountain trip falls on 5/19, which was slated to be our first collection day, we will need to begin collecting 8th grade computers on 5/18.

Lighthouse Readers

If you'd like to be entered in the drawing for reading the Lighthouse, email me with the phrase: "The Litehous maked me smart."