Word on the Street

October 2015

Fall Fun

October 16 - Homecoming Tailgate - Chips & Dips - We will provide

October 21 - Chili Luncheon - Sign Up in Lounge

October 27-30 Red Ribbon Week - Jeans if you participate

November 6 - Candy Apple Bar

November 13 - Sonic Sips

November 19 - Souper Teacher Lunch by the VIPs

Look for "ghosts" around the school the week of Halloween.

Shout Outs!

PE/FA Crew for planning a successful Western Days!

Lori Bosecker for stepping in and stepping up in our office.

Paula Bure, Karen Aldredge, and Cindy Baldridge for hooking us up with flu shots.

The ESL team for setting up learning opportunities for parents this summer and at parent night...Sherri Martin, Andrea Brandon, Maria Barron, and Luciana Ziesemer.

Jamie Powell, Liz Marjason, Ava Porter, Beverly Whitehead, and Mona Merrill for counting chocolate money every morning.

Kaila McCrary for developing the 9 Week Reward schedule.

Stacey Perkins for creating CBA electronically for our students that take STAAR A.

The CM crew and Intervention teachers for accommodating all the oral admins. for CBAs.

Every class I pass that are pulling small groups of students. Too many to list!

For Your Consideration

How is your Tier 1 intervention going? Are formative assessments driving that intervention? What's preventing you from getting kids at your table each day and are those things more important?
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Emergency Drills


  • Doors are locked at all times.
  • Print a current class list every time you get a new kid.
  • When you leave for a fire drill, leave door open.
  • During lock downs, grab kids from hall before closing doors.
  • The next set of drills will not be announced prior to practicing them.

Career Day

Please send names to Kimber or Shannon of parents that could set up a booth at Career Day, November 19th.