Scoggins Band Newsletter

Week of January 13th

Earn a Grammy!!

We launched a semester long challenge to see who could be the best of the best in the Scoggins Band program! Based off of the Grammy Point Sheet students can earn points throughout this semester based off of performances AND attendance at concerts. Students will verify their points with their band director and submit the sheet on May 1st.

Specific Info is found on the button below:

Beginners are pages 1 and 2

Advanced Bands are pages 3 and 4

Beginning Percussion is coming soon!

Upcoming Events

January 16th-Mrs Mallow in Beginning Band Classes

January 17th-Mrs. Mallow clinic with WE and SB

January 24-Mrs. Bulloch in all classes

January 28-Instrument Fitting for Comstock families @ Comstock from 3:30-7PM

January 29-Beginner Solo Contest 4-6:30PM

February 4-Instrument Fitting for Elliot families @ Elliot from 3:30-7PM

February 5-Advanced Band Solo Contest @ Nelson Middle School

February 6-Instrument Fitting for Ogle families @ Ogle from 3:30-7PM

February 10-WE/SB Side By Side Concert with Independence High School 5-9PM

February 12-14-Directors out for TMEA

Beginning Band Information


This week we successfully used SmartMusic in all brass and woodwind beginning classes. Students will have an assignment due every Friday. These first couple of weeks we are allocating class time to allow students to become comfortable with the program and ask questions as needed.

Next week's playing test is already available for them to access, and students are encouraged to work on it at home and submit early for extra credit! If a student does not have access to a computer or tablet that can operation SmartMusic at home then they are welcome to schedule a time before school, during target time or after school with their director to take advantage of the extra credit opportunity.

Practice Records

Practice Records are due Monday.

Concert Band Information

Solo Contest

Solo Contest is February 5th at Nelson Middle School. Students should be working to prepare their solo at home.

Practice Records

Practice Records are due Monday

Symphonic Band Information

Sectional Schedule

Sectionals will being this coming week. If there is a conflict please communicate with Mrs. Brinkman in advance.

Mondays- 3:45-4:30- Flute

Tuesdays- 3:45-4:30- Trumpet

Wednesdays- 7:30-8:10-Horn/Alto Saxophone

Thursdays- 7:30- 8:10- Clarinet

Thursdays- 3:45-4:30-Low Brass/Bari Sax/Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet

Wind Ensemble Information

Reference Recordings

Students click to download/listen to profession recordings of Variations on Scarborough Fair and Rippling Watercolors.

Rehearsal Recording

Students take a listen to Friday's rehearsal. Not bad for 4 days after a break! Let's make great progress next week. Come prepared knowing your notes and rhythms.

Sectional Schedule

Mondays- 3:45-4:30- Horn/Alto Saxophone

Tuesdays- 3:45-4:30- Trumpet(This is an adjustment due to Staff Meeting)

Wednesdays- 7:30-8:10- Flute/Oboe

Thursdays- 7:30-8:10- Clarinets

Fridays-7:30-8:10- Low Brass/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax/Bari Sax/Percussion

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