Smore help on a healthy lifestyle

By: Nya and Mak

Healthey eating

If you need help with healthy eating listen up. It's important to eat healthy because when you eat right you have more energy then someone who eats something like cookies all day. Its important to have tones of energy because it prevents you from being tired all day. Some good things about healthy eating is that:

-you live longer

-you don't feel as tired

-you are very energetic

Some bad things that will happen if you don't eat healthy is that:

-you have a better chance of getting diabetes

-you wont live as long

-you get tired easily

-you'll get hollow bones

You can make sure your eating healthy by the notation label. The notation label is important because it tells you how much of each notation ( for example vitamins and minerals ) you will be getting from eating this food


If you need help on exercise lesion up. Its important to exercise because it helps you not fell as lazy as someone how sits around playing video games every second of every single day.

Its important to exercise because:

-you live longer

-your not really lazy

what happens if you don't exercise:

- you get hollow bones

-you fell tired

- you get diabetes

Each day you are supposes to exercise for 30 min., but you dont have to do it all at once. You can exercise 5 min. and fill in the rest later.