Hardware Connections

november 7th


VGA is a video connection that stands for video graphics array. it is used to connect computers and some game consols to monitors

Line IN and Line OUT

Line IN is an audio connection that means the audio goes into the computer so that you can import sound.

Line OUT is also an audio connection. this is where the sound is exported from the computer.

Line in can be used for mp3 players and Line OUT for headphones or speakers.


Firewire is a data connection used mainly when downloading media from cameras. it can support huge amounts of data and is a fast way of transferring it. Because it is digital fire wire has minimal interference.

SD/Media card slot

SD/Media cards transfer data without the need for wires. SD stands for secure digital, they are found in cameras and camera phones and can be found in some game consoles. these however are not as fast as Firewire. however they are more compact and easier to use on the go


SCART is used to transfer video and audio between devices. it uses analogue so it can suffer from interference and is mainly found connecting TV's and DVD players etc.


HDMI stands for high-definition multimedia interface. this is used to transfer video and audio between devices. it uses digital so doesn't suffer from interference. it is used to connect games consoles and DVD players etc. to TV's and other monitors


USB is a data transferring device. USB sticks can be used to store data on them. They can be found connecting iPod's and other mp3 players to computers. Joysticks, mice and keyboards to computers and laptops etc.


Optical is used to transfer audio between devices. Optical uses lasers sent down the wire. this means it is faster and has a higher bandwidth than other cables. It's used between DVD players to surround sounds and on some game systems


Ethernet is a data transferring cable transfering data from one place to another. it is usually found as a device used to connect a computer games console etc. to the internet