2016 LGPE

Parent Help Needed!

It's almost here!

Chorus Parents,

It’s almost that time again! LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation) is upon us in just 3 weeks! This important event for our students and choral program is one of the most important things we do all year. We will have worked on 2 pieces of performance music as well as developed our sight-reading skills for a one-time performance where we receive ratings of our performances by distinguished, highly-qualified judges.

There’s no doubt that our students will be ready, but Mr. Schreer and I need YOUR help. Because of the number of students attending this event, we need CHAPERONES to attend the event with us. We’ll be performing in the morning hours on Tuesday, March 8th at Lawrenceville First United Methodist Church (just minutes away) and we need multiple parents to ride with our students and be with them at the event.

This important event simply cannot be done without our chorus parents. Mr. Schreer and I will be very busy with the groups performing throughout the morning as they warm-up, perform, and then sight-read. It doesn’t take any special skill sets to chaperone, just a willingness to help our students be successful and respectful at the event. It is a wonderful time to hear and see not only YOUR student perform, but also other high school choral programs from our area.

Details will be provided within a couple of weeks, but if you could please take the time to respond to this e-mail if you are able to help with this event we would greatly appreciate it.


James Williams and Nathan Schreer

Large Group Performance Evaluation

Tuesday, March 8th, 8am

First United Methodist Church of Lawreneville