By: Gabrielle H.

I'm Hungry!

Some kids today come home saying thing like," I'm hungry", or "Do we still have that pizza from the night before?" Some parents will ask "Why", and some of us would say " Because the schools food taste horrible(or sucks or taste like vomit).

What We Hate

I, as a student, am on of those student's who will just not eat school food. I went around my class room in 5th hour and asked 'what school food did you dislike the most', and my results were: "Spaghetti is the worst," " ChickenPatty is fake meat! Gross", " All of it", "MEATLOAF STINKS MOST"! And some I didn't an answer from.

I will show the worst of all! (and my personal dislike.)


What We Should Eat

We should eat thing like pizza and hamburgers, with out whole grain!!! I asked a teacher wether or not if they like whole wheat or whole grain. She says " I like whole grain because it taste better, and is better for you, but whole wheat and grain are similar. The difference is the flour type. That's all." I know this. Some other people and me dislike the taste.**

Please No NastySchool Food!

Please make school's food around America better and cool looking enough to eat!