My Kidnapping

Author: Persephone

Having a mom like Demeter is pretty tough. I never get enough privacy! But one day i was able to go out with a couple of friends to play in the fields of Mount Olympus. That's when Hades came. I accedently wandered to far to get a narcissus and all of a sudden he swooped up, grabbed me, and we plummeted back down.
Nothing there was like Mount Olympus, the exact opposite actually. It was dark, barren, and completely overcrowded. No sunshine, No flowers, No love, no joy, and absolutely no fun. I was actually starting to want to see my protective mother again.
I was down there for at least a year before (thank the gods) Hermes came to take me home. But before I left Hades offered me a few pomegranate seeds. How bad could it be? Very bad.
I've been coming here for four months for the past 8000 years. surprisingly you get used to the underworld pretty quick. I can't say I like the agreement Zeus made but it's better than never seeing the best mom in the world ever again.