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Summer 2015

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Learning Goals...

Summer Reading Lists

Elementary K-2

Students will need to read by themselves or be read to for 20 min so they will maintain their current reading level. Read books, newspapers, comics, labels, joke books, etc. We just want your child to be reading anything grade level and reading level appropriate.

Elementary 3-5

Battle of the Books 2015-2016

Whether you are on a team or not, please consider reading some of these books. ALL of these books are current Bluebonnet Award nominees and it helps promote both Battle of the Books and Bluebonnet voting when students are familiar with the books.

1. The Great American Dust Bowl by Don Brown

2. The Vanishing Coin by Kate Egan

3. Mountain Dog by Margarita Engle

4. The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Sheila Turnage

5. The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy

6. The Lost Planet by Rachel Searles

7. Sky Jumpers by Peggy Eddleman

8. Zane and Hurricane by W.R. Philbrick

9. Quinny and Hopper by Adriana Brad Schanen

10. The Misadventures of Salem Hyde by Frank Cammuso

Beginning Middle School Students

Pike is challenging all students to read 600 pages and log them into the Google form.

Make sure to visit Pike's Website to stay update with the most current information.

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Haslet Library

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Summer Reading @ the Clara Love Library!

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Art Around the World Summer Art Camp

This summer, Mrs. Valentine, will be hosting an art camp at Clara Love Elementary and she hopes that your child can take advantage of this exciting opportunity! Below is some basic information about the camp, and you may register your child through the following website: Please call (817-698-6642) or email ( me with any additional questions that you may have!

Grades: Students who have completed 3-5 Dates: June 15th-18th

Time: 1pm-4pm Cost: $100 Location: Clara Love Elementary

Description: In both camps, students will take a trip around the world - learning about different cultures and creating artworks from all 7 continents. We will create drawings, paintings, sculptures, weaving and more! Daily snack can be brought, but some will also be provided. Please dress your child for the mess!


Stride Information

On your child's report card, they were given a stride username and password. Please make sure your child logs in for Math/Reading to help them practice skills in each of these areas.
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Stride Login Information

Get Started on PC, Mac or Tablet:

Go to

Enter your 7 digit student ID number

Enter your school code =KCS74355

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Math Links


A Math Dictionary


Addition Game

Fill the calculator gaps with digits to get the addition right. Scroll down the page to play the game.

Batters Up Baseball

You can choose from several levels of addition problems.


Subtraction Game

Fill the calculator gaps with digits to get the subtraction right. Scroll down to play the game.


Multiplication Flashcard Game

Choose a level and practice your multiplication facts.

Multiplication Hidden Picture

You will uncover a hidden picture as you solve multiplication facts.

Multiplication Mystery

Drag tile to the correct square on the multiplication chart.

Multiplication Games

Multiplication Grand Prix

Use your knowledge of multiplication facts to power your car in a race!

Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time Practice

More Elapsed Time Practice


Am I a right, acute, or obtuse angle?

Create your own tesselations

Miscellaneous Math Practice
Try this website for a variety of ways to practice!

**Great website full of all kinds of games-


Cookies- Create your own fractions-

How can I split multiple cookies evenly?

Matching Fractions-

Matching Mixed Fractions-

Compare Fractions Balloon Pop-

Equivalent Fractions-

Fractions Shoot-

Fraction tutorial-

to Decimals-

Matching Decimals (tenths)

Matching Decimals (hundredths)

Compare Decimals-

Angles, Lines, 2d 3d shapes, symmetry games-

Fling the teacher- 2d and 3d shapes-

Animated Math Mini-Lessons

Estimating length

Line Symmetry


Place Value

Weight and Capacity-


Techno Camp Sign Ups

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